How to Use Google Now on Tap

If your Android device has Marshmallow, you’re undoubtedly enjoying all the features Android 6.0 has to offer. It’s just fantastic being able to deny specific permission, enable System UI Tuner, or play that hidden Easter egg game you find in every almost every Android version (including Marshmallow). Android 6.0 has another useful feature called Google Now on Tap that allows us to gain access to all sorts of information by simply pressing the home button, but how do you use Google Now on Tap?

How to Use Google Now on Tap

With Google Now on Tap, you can access more information about whatever it is you’re looking at on your Android device. For example, let’s say you’re on HowToSimply, and you read the words Windows 10, long-press the home button and you should see something like this.

Google Now on Tap

If you want a complete Google search of certain words on your screen, first you’re going to have to select those words, and you can do that by tapping on the finger next to the three vertical dots.

Google Now on Tap

You will now need to select the text on the screen you want more information about and then choose what you want Google Now on Tap to show you. Whether it’s a Google search, News, YouTube Videos, Etc. Google Now on Tap doesn’t limit itself to finding information online, but you can also it on things such as Emails and pictures. I selected the word Facebook from an Email I got, and this is what Google Now on Tap showed me.

Google Now on Tap

You can select text from all sorts of places such as from videos and even pictures. As long as it has text, you’re able to select it.

Selecting Text from Images

Google Now on Tap

The amount of options you get will depend on what it is you want information on. For example, here I chose the word Happy, and as you can in the image above, I didn’t get that many options like when I picked the word Facebook. Don’t forget that Now on Tap also lets you share the information you’re looking at with the share button, just in case you were the one in charge of finding a good Italian restaurant and then sending the information to your friends.


Once you have chosen a place, you can either call, get directions, share or see the restaurant in Street View. With all the information Google Now on Tap gives you, it’s impossible not to find it or know if it’s a favorite place. Google Now on Tap is the search engine we are all used to using but with additional features that make it even easier to get such info and share it. I chose a restaurant, you can do this with a movie poster, a sign and just about anything that has text on it.

How to Turn on Google Now on Tap

You’ve long-pressed the home button, but the only thing you see is Now Cards. In that case, you will need to activate it, but remember that if you don’t have Android 6.0 Marshmallow, this isn’t going to work. To enable Google Now on Tap you need to:

  • Make sure that you have the Google app installed.
  • After opening Google Now, open the menu by sliding your finger from the left side of the screen or you can also press the three line menu.
  • Go to Settings
  • Look for the Voice option in the Settings  menu
  • Toggle on on Now on Tap option, confirm that you’re sure you want it and done!

If for some reason you can’t install Now on Tap, try going to:

  • Go to Settings
  • App permissions Find “Assist & voice input”
  •  Select Assist app as “Google App


As you can see, Google Now on Tap is still your Google search engine with extra features to make getting information a whole lot easier for us. What are your thought on Google Now on Tap? Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to give the post a share.

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