Google Files Go (beta) available at Google Play

We’ve all had on our device applications as famous as CCleaner or Clean Master to get more accessible, a functionality that comes in the system, but that is not well developed. These apps, have had their assets such as their detractors.

Google is now involved in the panorama of the cleaning and smart storage to our devices with, Google Files Go, as it does with Android 7.1 but want to bring it to devices running Android 5.0 or higher.

What that will do Files Go is to parse all our files and apps to help free up space. It will do so in a simple way, through smart cards, and some tips we even tell you when storage can release have to delete certain files.

An example of them, are suggestions, how to delete temporary files (cache) of certain apps, it also tells you to uninstall applications that take up time without be activated to remind you but you use it the better uninstalled…..

Uses its own file explorer to manage the files on your device and classifies, Images, Videos, Audios, Documents, Downloads, and Files received.

Also includes an interesting option is to share or send files using the bluetooth for those people close to you, is not a simple storage manager but a file explorer with options for cleaning.

It is in beta version, so that it is possible to have faults, but we put the link of the download for those who want to install it:


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