Google Assistant comes to Android Auto full

Several weeks ago we are talking about Android Auto, the emergence of new models, the option inálambrica.

Today Google has unveiled in the CES 2018 Google Assistant or, rather, the news of the integration in our devices practically in all by adding in the cars.

Before with Android Auto, utilizabamos some voice actions from Google, which was a small part of the System,
the actions we used to do was limited, as to go to an address, play music and respond to a message. with this new update, we will be able to interact with more things.

With the arrival of the Wizard to complete increases the actions, because what you can do is to use some apps even if they are not compatible with Android Auto, but there are increasingly more applications and devices connected to Google Assistant. An advance to the OAA , which we have already commented on your time.

With this, Google aims to vitaminar more Android Auto, and your presence with Google Assistant will make the possibility of handling actions that before could not, and information that we could not see.

The update Assistant to Android Auto will begin this week beginning with the united States and then make the jump to the other regions, always trying to control the deployments.

Source: TheVerge


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