How to Get More Storage Space on Your Android Device

Running out of storage is just as bad as having your phone die on you. You probably forgot to charge it the night before and woke up with a low battery. By not having enough storage, you can´t get your apps updated, you can´t install new apps, and you can´t take new pictures.

It´s crucial always to have enough storage since many apps could stop working properly and they won´t sync like they did before. Freeing up some storage on our Android devices is very easy, but it may be hard since you will have to decide what apps need to go.

Erase Cache

First things first, you will need to erase all the data that´s in Cache of all the apps and games you have installed. If you are running Android 4.2 or greater, then you can clear your cache by going to Settings > Storage > Internal Storage > Delete.

Storage Android

Use Google Photos to Backup Your Pictures and Videos

Google Photos has a useful feature that allows you to erase the pictures that have been backed up to your account. If thepictures are  already in the cloud, there is no need to keep them on your Android device taking up space.

Open the Google Photos app and on the upper left-hand corner, tap on the hamburger icon > Settings.

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The third option down should say Free up device storage, tap on that and the app should start looking for items that have already been backed up. You will see how many things can be erased and then just tap remove.

Storage Android

Change Apps Storage Location

Changing the apps storage location is another great way of freeing up some space. Go to Settings > Apps or App Manager > Select an App > Storage > and click on the Change button. Tap on the SD card option and the apps storage location will now be on your SD card.

Storage Android

Uninstalling App You Don´t Use Anymore

Every once in a while, I look through the apps I have on my phone and see which ones I haven´t use in a long time. I figure, if I have used for so long, then I just don´t need them anymore, and I uninstall them.

Go to Settings > App or Apps Manager and look through the apps you have installed and get rid of any you feel you don´t need anymore. To uninstall just tap on the app and the uninstall button should be the first one on the left.

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If you ever change your mind and want to re-install an app, but can´t remember the name, there a tip for that. Open up the Google Play App and tap on the hamburger icon > My Apps & games > All Tab. There you will see a ist of the apps you have installed and uninstalled. Hopefully, you won´t have any problems opening Google Play.


Clear Unnecessary Dowloads

If your friends are always sending you files that you keep downloading or you have the tendency of downloading things just to test them out, then there is a good chance that you have tons of files you only needed for a moment and are just sitting there taking up space.

Depending on what phone you have it will either say Downloads or My Files. Open that, and start erasing files you don´t need anymore.

Move Pictures and Videos to Your SD Card

If you happen to have a phone that has an SD card slot, then take full advantage of it and get yourself a high capacity SD card. If you already have one and you´re ready to transfer your pictures and videos over, first you need to open my files.

Once My Files is open choose Device Storage.



Long-press on pictures and it will be selected and as long as your there, if there is anything else you would like to transfer to your SD card, tap on that too. On the upper right-hand corner tap on More and then Move.

Storage Android

Now, you need to choose where you want to move your files, tap on SD card and then Done (upper right-hand corner) and the files should start to transfer.

Third-Party App Help

Google Play is full of apps you can try that will help you clear unnecessary data. For example, you can try DU Speed Booster & Cleaner. This app has over 100 Million downloads and a 4.5 rating, not bad.



There are many thing you can do to get more storage for your Android device and as you can see, it´s not rocket science. What do you do to free up space on your Android device? Let me know in the comments and odn´t forget to Tweet or give the post a share.

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