Gboard: The Tips and Tricks To Take Full Advantage Of It

The Google Gboard first came out in May of this year, and all Android users were hoping that they would be the first ones to enjoy it. This time it was iOS users who got to enjoy the Gboard keyboard first, and then it rolled out to Android users.

If you used it here and there, but haven’t really squeezed the juice out of it, the following tips will surely help. You will look like a Gboard pro to all your friends and family. You could even teach them a thing or two, why not.

Use The Integrated Google Search in Gboard

See that colorful G at the bottom of the keyboard? That helpful little G is your key to Google Search.  Let’s say that you’re reading about something or remember something you’ve meant to look up.

How to Google Search inside Gboard

Tap on the G and type in whatever it is you want to look up. At the bottom of your screen, you will see the search results, but without leaving whatever it is, you were looking at in the first place. You can also share links with other by either using Allo, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Gmail, etc.

Share Address Details With Others

You and your friends want to go on vacation but have no idea where to go. You want to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina, the obelisk to be exact. Without leaving the app, you’re using at the time tap on the G and search for obelisk.

How to Share a Link with Gboard

You will get all sorts of information on it, and there will also be a share button. Tap on the share button and all the information you saw can easily be sent to your friend. This handy feature will surely save you a lot of typing.


I can only speak for myself but, if a keyboard doesn’t support GIFS, it’s not going to go on my phone. Good thing that that’s not the case with Gboard. If the app you’re typing in supports GIFs, Gboard will give you the option to search for them.

Just tap on the emoji icon and the second option will be the GIF button. Gboard will automatically offer you some GIF ideas, but right above them, you can easily search for the one you’re looking for.

How to Use GIFS on Gboard

Quick Access to Settings

It’s a give that in Settings of any app, you can set things up just the way you like. With Gboard, you won’t have to go through a circus of taps to get to it. It’s within reach making everything a whole lot easer.

How to Access Settings on Gboard Android

Simply tap on the gear icon, and you’re set. You will have access to Themes, Glide typing, Dictionary, Text Correction and more!

Emoji Search

How to Search for an Emoji on Gboard

When you want to express how you feel, the last thing you want to do is waste your time looking for the right emoji. To search for the right emoji, tap on the emoji icon and type in what you want to express. As you can see, I wanted to show that I’m happy, so that’s what I typed in.

As you can see, I wanted to show that I’m happy, so that’s what I typed in. Searching for emoji’s is going to be a lot easier if you swipe, another feature you can enjoy with Gboard.


Gboard is another option when it comes to personalizing our Android keyboard. You have to admit that having Google  Search right in your keyboard is a handy feature. Do you think you’ll give Gboard a try?

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