Free Christmas Greetings Apps for iOS

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to send those Christmas greetings cards, which thankfully, you can send by installing a Free Christmas Card Apps from the app store.

This is your chance to make this year’s  X-Mas greeting better than the year before. Last year’s Christmas greeting would have been perfect if your 4-year old didn´t have his finger up his nose.

That’s in the past and with the Christmas greeting apps for iOS on this list, this year’s picture will definitely be the best one.

Christmas Camera

Christmas Camera is an app that offers you all kinds of features to give your Christmas Greeting the finishing touch. At the beginning of the app there were quite a few ads that popped up, but after a minute or two, they stopped some reason.

When you first open the app, you can either choose to take a new picture or choose one from your gallery. Once you’ve chosen your image, you can start to personalize it.

Quickly Create Free X-Mas Cards iOS

By tapping on the Tools button. You can either crop, cut, rotate it, or you can even add an audio message to your Christmas Card.  You can also make your picture smaller or bigger by zooming in our out.

An X-Mas greeting card is not complete without a frame the app may not have a huge variety of them, but the ones it does have are nice.

The Best Christmas Greeting Card Apps for iOS

Christmas Camera also lets you add a background to your picture, just in case you don’t want to add a frame. If you want to either doodle on your picture, add text to it or add an effect, you can do that too.

Once you’re done creating the perfect Christmas Greeting, hit the share button on the top right. The app gives you options to share your creation either on Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

Xmas Cards

The Best Christmas Card Apps for iOS

Xmas Cards is a very easy to use app that doesn’t bombard you with a lot of features. When you launch the app you get right down to business since it directly takes you to the frames you can use.

Christmas Greeting App for Kids

In the frames, you can add text instead of a picture. Let’s face it; not everyone is a huge fan of taking Christmas pictures. You either come out with your eyes closed or a weird face. This way you don’t offend anyone by not sending them a greeting, and you keep your self-respect.

Xmas Frames

The Xmas Frames App will add a little humor to your Christmas greeting cards. You can add all kinds of Christmas stickers such as a mini Santa, Santa mustache, Stocking, Reindeer, Bells, Etc.

You can also choose various greeting card style such as Snowman,  Santa’s Home, Xmas Decorations, Christmas Lights, and more! The app is very easy to use and full of fun stickers.

How to Add Funny Christmas Stickers to Greeting Cards

You can make your picture bigger or smaller by zooming in or out and you can also tilt the picture as well. To add some text, tap on the ABC option, that’s the first one in the sticker row.

Pic Collage

Most Christmas greeting cards only come with one picture. If you want to try something different and add a few, try the Pic Collage app. You can still create the Christmas greeting card you want but with all of your favorite pictures.

How to Make the best christmas cards

You can choose from a variety of grids and add all sorts of Christmas stickers. Something that you’re sure to like is the app allows you to add GIFs as part of your collage. I tested it out, and the GIF works fine on the app and when in the Email the person get the greeting card in (if you choose to send it that way).

When you’re done creating your Christmas card, you can either post in on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage or by Email.

PicCard – Phot Card Maker

This greeting card maker, not only gives you the option to create Christmas cards, but for other occasions as well. You can different Xmas designs to choose from and with this app, you can also add an audio message to the card.

How to Add an Audio Message to a Christmas Card - Free Christmas Card Apps

You add your picture on the left and your messages goes on the right.Don´t worry about not knowing what goes where. The app is easy to use and all the options are easy to find.

Inkly (Paid)

Professional Looking Christmas Card Apps for iOS

The Inkly app is the one with the nices apps. Unfortunately, they are not free, but they are at a decent price. You would pay the same amount of you were to go to your local drug store at physically buy the card, like $3 or $4.

Depending on the card you choose, you can also add more than one picture. You won´t be able to add Christmas stickers, but the cards are so nice, you won’t need them. The app also offers some very nice font style to create your card, so nice, you won’t know which one to choose.


With all these options, you won’t have an excuse not to send your Christmas greeting this year. You can save yourself a trip to the store to buy the card, and simply send through one of these great apps. How will you be sending your Christmas greetings this year?

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