How to Fix Screen Rotation Problems on Any Android Device

Accidents happen. You thought you had a good grip on your phone, but the fact that it¡s now on the floor says otherwise. From the looks of it there is no damage but now your phone’s either switching from portrait mode to landscape automatically, or it doesn’t change at all.

If that’s what’s happening to you, then there’s a good chance that the orientation sensor is broken. Don’t worry; all hope is not lost thanks to an app called Rotation Control.

How to Fix Screen Rotation Problems

After you install the app, there are only two options you’ll need to pay attention to. You’ll need to toggle on Start controlling rotation or Start on boot.

If you notice that your Android device goes crazy and starts switching from landscape mode to portrait almost immediately, then you should definitely toggle on Start on Boot. That way the app will automatically start without you having to do anything.

How to Stop Your Android Display from Automatically Rotating - screen rotation problems

After you toggle on whatever option(s) you want, you’ll be able to control to which direction your display turns to by swiping down from the top of your display. You can even see and use the options from your lock screen, and they will work immediately, even on the lock screen.

For example, if you tap on the landscape mode from your lock screen you will only be able to undo the option from landscape. Even if you put your phone in portrait mode and swipe down, the menu will not appear. It will only show in landscape mode.

How to Prevent Automatic Display Rotation on Android - screen rotation problems

A curious option that I found is that if you tap on the phone icon with the R in it, your phone’s display will be upside down. I don’t know why you might need such an option, but if you ever do, there it is. You can also use this reverse option in landscape mode as well.

If you tap on the phone icon with the arrows around it, the display will only switch in landscape mode from one angle to another. You won’t be able to switch to portrait mode until you either choose the phone icon in portrait mode, with or without the arrows around it. If you ever need to access the phone few options, just choose the very first option from the drop-down menu.


As you can see, it’s a very basic app, but one that fixes a very annoying issue if your display won’t stop rotating. Manually switching from portrait mode to landscape is not very comfortable but at least it’s possible.

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