How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected on Android

With the arrival of apps that can appear on top, the instant messaging apps (among others) have made the lives of many Android users a lot easier. For example, you have Facebook Messenger that when you get a message from someone, that little bubble pops up making it easier for you to access that message. If it weren’t for that bubble, you would have to launch the app and then look for the message, tap on it and so on. Ugh, so annoying.

The problems with those apps that can appear on top are that you get a very common screen overlay error. Until you fix this error, you are not able to use an app you have recently installed. I’ve lost count the amount of time it has happened to be, but thankfully I have been able to fix it every time it appears and I want to share that with you.

 Screen Overlay Detected Error: How To Fix It

So, you’ve installed that app and tried to use it while you had the Facebook Chat-head floating around and you got the screen overlay error. The reason this happens is that you have an app that appears on top open and you try to launch one that asks for the same permission. Now that you have a brief description as to why this happens let’s get this fixed.

If you have a non-Samsung smartphone go to Settings > Tap the magnifying glass on the top right > Select Draw over other apps. Another route would be Apps > Gear icon > Draw over other apps.

If you’re a Samsung user go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager > Tap more on top right > Apps that can appear on top.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected

All of the apps you’re going to see now have permission to use floating buttons or other screen overlays. Toggle off the app you think might be causing the problem. You can quickly identify the that is causing the problem by seeing what app has a floating bubble on your screen. When this happens to me, I usually toggle of Facebook Messenger, and that usually does it for me.

If you have an app that controls the screen brightness or changes the color of your screen, this is an app that you might want to turn off for now. Many users have also reported that Clean Master has also been the culprit in this cases. Try uninstalling the app and hopefully, the problem goes away, and you also get more storage space on your Android device.

How to Disable One Handed Keyboard Android

If you think you’ve tried everything and you still have the problem, try toggling off everything. If you have a Samsung smartphone, you can also try disabling the one-handed keyboard. This has also been known to cause this problem. You can disable the one-handed keyboard by going to Settings > Advanced Features > One-handed operation. DU Booster and Zapya File Sharing app are also troublesome apps when it comes to the screen overlay problem if you have the app try uninstalling it.

Try using the new app again, and the screen overlay error should be gone now. The app should ask for the permissions it needs and should work just fine. If you toggled off all the apps, remember to go back and turn on the ones you frequently use. This isn’t a permanent fix, but for now, it’s the best workaround until Google does something to fix the problem.


The screen overlay detected error is an issue us Android users are going to have to deal with. Only Google knows how long we’re going to have to deal with it, but at least a workaround exists. How often do you have to deal with this issue?

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