Find Out How to Easily Edit Your Videos on Android

Nowadays, you use your Android device for just about everything. If you need to take a picture or if you need to record a video, the first thing you reach for is your Android device. To edit your photos, you can either use apps from Google Play or choose from the endless amount of free online photo editors. For your videos, you can also use apps that will help you trim your Android video just the way you want.

How to Trim/Edit Videos on Your Android Device

Let’s get started, shall we? The first app you will need to open is the Google Photos App.

Trim Videos Android

If you open your video, but you can’t see the editing pencil, then it looks like you’re going to have to download the video before you can make any changes to it. The built-in video editor Google Photos has is so easy to use it’s almost insulting since all you have to do to trim it, is slide the white circle to the left and shorten to the length you want. You can also rotate the video by tapping where it says, yup, you guessed it, Rotate.

Trim Videos Android

If what you want to do is keep a part of the video that’s right smack in the middle, you can slide both ends to the part of the video you want to save. To see the part of the video you’ve selected, tap on the play icon to see a preview and if you’re happy with what you have chosen, tap on save. The good news is that you get to keep the original video, so if you ever want to edit it in any other way, you can.

Edit Your Android Video with VidTrim (Free)

Trim Videos Android

VidTrim is another great option to edit your videos on any Android device quickly. The app is very to use and offers you many useful tools that will make everything a whole o easier. VidTrim lets you merge various videos into on; I was able to add four videos and just stopped after that. To add a video tap on the plus sign and select the video you want to add.

Trim Videos Android

If you want to edit a particular video but you can’t seem to find it in the sea of videos you have, but all you can remember is that you recorded it sometime last week, VidTrim has that covered. The app has the option for you to sort your videos by date, so that way the video is easier to find. Tap on the three unleveled lines on the top and select sort by date and then select Set.

Trim Videos Android

Switch Video Layout

VidTrim also allows you change the layout of the videos on your Android device, so it’s easier to choose which one you want to edit.To Change the layout, tap on the three vertical dots and select the first option, Switch Layout.

Trim Videos Android

To trim your videos choose the Trim option and do the same thing you did with the built in video editor mentioned earlier. Slide the circles to the part of the video you want to edit and to review what you have selected, tap on the play icon.

Trim Videos Android

Add Music and Emojis to Your Videos with InShot for Android


The previous app only gave you basic video editing tools, and that’s fine if that’s what you’re looking for, but what about an app that also allows you to add music and emojis to your videos? Sound great to me!


InShot does that and more! With this app, you can trim your video, add music, add emojis, add text, Blur the background, Rotate the video, flip the video and change the position the video appears in. In the Music option, you have quite a few stock melodies to choose from, but if you want to add a song that you already have on your Android device, select My Music. InShot also has an excellent built-in Photo Editor, if you want to check that out too.



As you can see trimming your video on your Android device wasn’t as hard as you probably thought it was. If you were looking for basic video editing tools, you had one already built into your phone, but if you wanted to get fancy, then you need an app for that. How do you edit your videos? Share your thought in the comments.

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