Everything You Wanted to Know About Creating Instagram Stories

It looks like Instagram finally caught up to Snapchat and added a Stories feature of their own. Just like in SnapChat, Instagram Stories allow you to post a lot of pictures during your day and when the day is over, their gone. So, you’re telling everyone in a Story what you did during the day. Want to share what you did today?

How to Create an Instagram Story

The first thing you need to do is access the Story camera, and you can do that by either by swiping right when you’re at the main Instagram feed, or you can tap the circle icon with the plus sign int he middle (top left-hand corner).


Now, you can either swipe down to choose a picture you’ve taken during the day, or you can take a picture of what you’re doing at that very instant. Added the picture? You can add an emoji, add text or even change the filter by swiping right. You can choose between three different pencil types and colors, and the same goes for the text. If you were drawing something and wanted to erase something, hit the undo option on the top left-hand corner.


You can change the position of the text by putting your two fingers on the screen and putting them in whatever position you want. When you’re done, tap on the white circle at the bottom, and that’s it! Feel free to add any Hyperlapse or Boomerang content you have taken during your day; you can do this by swiping down from the top of your screen. If you don’t want the whole world to see your Instagram Stores, you can change the privacy in the Setting through your Profile page.

How do I view other people’s Instagram Stories?

When you first access the Instagram app, you are going to see the profile picture of the people you follow right under the Instagram name. Those profile pictures are going to have a circle with the Instagram colors around the image. Those are the Instagram Stories you haven’t seen yet and just tap on them to see what you’re friends have been up to during the day.



If there is an Instagram Story you don’t feel like looking at, you can skip it by swiping left, but if you want to go back to the one you already saw, swipe right. Is there a user’ s who creates stories that you just can’t stand? Don’t worry; you can easily mute that person’s Story by long-pressing on their profile picture and select the option to mute their story.


How to Hide Your Instagram Story from Others

If you don’t want someone to see a story you’re going to publish, there a way to prevent that. Go to your profile and on the top right tap on the three dots if you’re on Android or the Sun Symbol if you’re on iOS. Now, go to Story Settings > Hide my Story From.



Now your parents won’t have to see the pictures from the office party, you would rather forget. On the contrary, if there is a story of yours that you want to keep, you can do it by going to Settings > Story Settings > Camera > Always Save Photos and Videos.

If you want to see who’s been watching your Stories, you need to swipe up once you open your story. Towards the bottom, you are going to see a view counter and the names of the users who have seen it.


Instagram Stories still need some improvement if you compare it to SnapChat, but it’s doing a good job so far. What do you think of Instagram Stories? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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