Statistics Android 11/2017: Nougat and Oreo continue to grow


We have the 8th report on the Android platforms that exist in these moments, all thanks to the publication of the data handled by Google.

Although earlier versions of Nougat and Orea will lose procentajes, not as large as 0.1% who has lost Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich that with this pace will still be active if the percentage is kept for 5 months, with what appears version 9 of Android curious fact.

The growth of Nougat and Oreo are going at a pace slower than we’d probably be thinking, version 7.0 1.8%, a 1% version 7.1.X, and a growth of 0.1%.


It is one of the data to take into account to observe the evolutions of the versions that currently exist in Android and a good reference when developing applications. To do this we show the graph of the previous month as the current month to see the differences for yourselves:

October 2017
Android 10/2017

November 2017
Android 11/2017

Below is the table that represents what we have been able to see on the graph in percentages, first of the previous month:

October 2017

November 2017

Screens, Densities and Open GL

We see that the size of the normal screen density xhdpi continues to dominate with a 38.5% followed by the density hdpi 31.5% that remains, we see that it is setting up as a screen-dominating xhdpi surely in a few months can reach 40%, but progress is a bit slow.

While in the version of Open Gl, the domain is still version 3.0 with a 45.5% (with a decrease of 0.3%) from the version 2.0 with a 37.0% (with a decrease of 0.3%) and each month down, but with the advent of version 3.1 with a 17.5% has not increased which is strange since it should have risen by 0.6% by the decline of the earlier versions, something strange, that will surely be corrected in the next version.


As an anecdote, this publication has been delayed almost 4 days more than usual since the data are usually collected in the first 5 days something strange.

We continue with the same conclusions in previous articles, and that have revealed vulnerabilities that have been appearing, but that does not fit the concerns of some manufacturers for the safety of their customers.

Others, however, if you launch security patches that are not system updates solves the problem, but we believe that should speed up a little the matter.

As versions 2.3.3 should be settled, but we believe that Google is doing everything possible but their partners are a little denied. Let’s hope that the versions of ROMs to version 8.0 will bring enough improvements are those that help maintain the road.


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