Statistics Android 09/2017: Nougat begins to open the way


We have the 8th report on the Android platforms that exist in these moments, all thanks to the publication of the data handled by Google.

We can observe a decrease of all versions and a growth of the Android version Nougat, but seeing the details we can see that Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich have dropped by 0.1% over the previous month. Jelly Bean is low in all of its variants between 0.1% and 0.3%, KitKat low-0.9%, Lollipop low of 0.1% to 0.3%, and Marshmallow low 0.1%. Now Nougat in its version 7.0 has increased by 1.9%, 0.2% more than the previous month with the figure of 14.2% and 7.1 a 0.4% growing 0.1% more than the previous month quedandosé at 1.6%.


It is one of the data to take into account to observe the evolutions of the versions that currently exist in Android and a good reference when developing applications. To do this we show the graph of the previous month as the current month to see the differences for yourselves:

August 2017
Android 08/2017

September 2017
Android 07/2017

Below is the table that represents what we have been able to see on the graph in percentages, first of the previous month:

August 2017

September 2017

Screens, Densities and Open GL

We see that the size of the normal screen density xhdpi continues to dominate with 37.5%, followed by the density hdpi 32.3% which has decreased from the previous month, let’s say that continues to dominate the density xhdpi and continues to grow.

While in the version of Open Gl, the domain is still version 3.0 with a 45.8% followed by version 2.0 with a 37.3% and each month down, but with the advent of version 3.1 with a 16.9% which has increased by 0.1% over the previous month.


It is possible that devices such as the Nokia 3 which has already passed this month to the 7.1.1 has not yet been set but for the estadísitca of October.

The descent of the versions of Android we can think of updates, but the truth is that those users with versions which are very old have opted for the acquisition of a new device with the latest version, or even have been able to migrate their devices using any ROM.

We have also seen a curiosity relating to the dates of publication, usually the report is published on the first week of the month, in this case it has published the second week.

Android Oreo

Why would you not appear Android Oreo?

The new version of Android, Android Oreo still does not appear in the statistics as they appeared at the end of August so that the statistics does not reflect that yet, surely, the version of October that belongs to September we will see its appearance even notice a decrease of the versions of Nougat 7.1.1 is the nearest to their migration.

Future updates

Although we see that the spread is still slow on the part of Nougat, we see the reign of Marshmallow that is affected very little, we hope that the Project Treble soon pay off.

But we always say and we will not tire of saying it, an upgrade involves many parties, parties that do not wish to evolve their devices, but that did not give the facilities for that the ROMs can manage or maintain those versions, as the updates of the processors….


It is true that many versions of Android are going to continue to exist, but an important issue is the security but nothing is done about it each day will grow more.


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