How to Easily Extract an APK File of an Android App [No Root]

Just in case no one has ever told you, it is illegal to extract the APK of a Paid Android app. If it’s something you decide to do anyway, it’s all on you. Piracy is wrong and something everyone should avoid.

But, what’s an APK in the first place? It’s the final product when it comes to developing an Android app. For example, it’s like a .exe file that’s used to install a Windows program. On rooted phone’s it¡s easier than on non-rooted phones, but it can still be done.

Extract APK By Using an Extractor App

If you want to keep things simple when it comes to extracting an APK, install an app. One that does just as its name suggests is APK Extractor that you can download for free from Google Play. It’s a very easy to use the app, and when you first open the app, you’ll see all the third party and system apps on your phone.

How to Extract APK from Android App

Simply search for the app that has the APK you want to extract from and then just tap on the app. Once the app’s done the APK will be saved in a folder called ExractedAPKs in your Android’ internal storage.

Extract Android APK By Using Advanced File Explorer

If you consider yourself an Avid Android User, then you’re probably familiar with ADB (Android Debug Bridge). You know that it’s a command line utility that comes with Android SDK. It allows you to control your Android device by using different commands.

By using a few commands, you’ll be able to extract that APK to your computer or Mac in the folder you want. Google helps ADB users by providing a separate package of platform-tools that have the ADB.

Once you’re done installing the tools, extract the zip and open the folder. In the folder, you should find the adb.exe file with fast boot (don’t worry, you won’t b needing this). Press Shift and right-click on the folder and look for the options Open command windows here.

How to Use ADB to extract Android APK

How to Enabled Developer Options

Plug your phone to your computer or Mac by using the USB cable and don’t forget to turn on USB debugging in the Developer Options. If you don’t have Developer Options enabled go to Settings >About Device or About phone > Software Info > Rap on the Buil Number 7 times.

Now, it’s time to enter some commands. Here, you’ll need to grab the app package name. If this is something you already know about, then you can skip this part.

How to Use ADB when extracting Android APK

Enter this command; adb shell pm list packages and copy the package name that you want to extract. Paste it in the next command but don’t the copy package: prefix. Let’s say you’re extracting the APK for Truecaller then you would need to enter the following command: adb shell pm path com.truecaller

With the previous command, you should get the path for the actual APK of the app. The only thing you have to do now is to a pull command to do just that (pull) the .apk from this path and save it in a location that’s easy to find.

Paste it in the command below and also copy the path of the actual .apk that you got as a result of the command you entered before.

How to Use ADB

Once you’ve completed the above steps the .apk file should be saved in the location you chose earlier. As you can see, extracting an Android APK wasn’t as hard as you thought it was. Now, you don’t have to depend on your techie friend to help you out.

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