Easily Encrypt Your Information with True Key

Most of us probably use a data protection tool to keep our information safe and a good antivirus for overall protection. With so many threats out there, it’s only natural that you take all the necessary precautions. A tool that can help you keep your information safe is True Key. It’s a free software for your Windows computer that will encrypt all kinds of information and keep it safe for you.

With True Key, you can encrypt information such as bank account information,  credit cards, messages, note and even passwords. It will encrypt all kinds of information by using AES-256 encryption and multi-factory authentication.

How to Use True Key Data Protection Tool

When you first start using True Key, it’s going to ask you to create a master password. This is going to be the only password you’ll need to remember so you can gain access to your sensitive information. So, it’s very important that you never forget what this password is.

How to Encrypt Your Private Information


The software will also encourage you to install the True Key Chrome extension but it’s obviously your decision if you add it or not. It can save and protect your credentials when you want to sign into a site; the program will do all the work for you. If you’re signing into a new site and can’t think of a new password, True Key can create a secure password for you.

You also get an option to save your credentials, but you also get an option never to save this site or skip saving it once. If the site is not secure, True Key will ask you if you want to save the credentials or not. So, if you have that gut feeling that you just can’t trust the site, you’re not obligated to save your information.

I think you’ll also like that if True Key can’t correctly save login credentials, it will send a report to its master over at Intel, so they figure out what’s going on. After that, they will update True Key so they can handle that site within a day.

Import Passwords from Browsers

If you want to import passwords you have in your browser, you can do that too. Once your passwords are stored in True Key, it will erase them from your browser, and it will make sure that your browser doesn’t save another password ever again.

If you want to import your information from password managers such as Dashlance 4 and LastPass. This is a real time saver since you won’t have to do everything manually.

If True Key notices that you’ve been idle for a while, it will automatically log you out for your own safety. The default time for it to log you our is a full week, so I think it’s best that you set it to about 30 seconds. By leaving it ay default, you’re at a huge risk of someone gaining access to what you were doing.

Download TrueKey

Now you know, if you want to encrypt your information whenever you log into a site, True Key is a good option. It will also save you some valuable time by filling out forms for you.

If you want to give True Key a try you can download it from the company’s official site. So, do you think you’ll give it a try? Let me know in the comments.

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