Disable Onscreen Keyboard on Android When Physical Keyboard is Connected

Learning how to disable onscreen keyboard on Android is a must when you regularly use a physical keyboard. Having the screen keyboard frequently pop up can be annoying and very distracting.

For those times when the only keyboard you want to see is the one you’re touching, you’re going to need apps called Null Keyboard and AnySoft Keyboard. They are the solution you have been searching for, and it will prevent the on-screen keyboard from distracting you while you type, but let’s see how they work.

How to Disable Onscreen Keyboard for Any Android Device

The first thing you need to do is to install the Null Keyboard app on your Android device. It’s a free app that is not going to ask you for any permissions. You will only see a message from Google Play saying that the app doesn’t require any.

Don’t bother looking for an app icon, since you won’t find one. You will know the app has been installed because after you go to Settings > Language & Input, it should be one of your keyboard options.

How to Turn Off The Onscreen Keyboard on Android

With Null Keyboard you’re not going to see the onscreen keyboard at all, it will completely disappear. Even if you’re not using an external keyboard, the onscreen one will be gone. The app will not start on its own; you will need to activate it as an additional keyboard.

I could easily go from my Samsung keyboard to the Null Keyboard by using the drawer notification. That was easy but after you choose Null Keyboard that easy options weren’t there anymore.

To go back to the default keyboard you will need to disable the keyboard in your device’s settings manually. Are you a Tasker user? If so, don’t forget that you can automatically toggle the input method when you connect an external keyboard. Since there is no app icon, this is also a perfect way from preventing others from using your Android device without your permission. You can’t use it without a keyboard, right?

Hide The Onscreen Keyboard with AnySoft Keyboard

The previous app only disabled your onscreen keyboard, but the AnySoft Keyboard app does more than that. It’s a multi-language keyboard with dictionaries for multiple languages. The app can also complete your typed words from your contact list, has Multi-touch support, Voice Input support, Gesture support, Easily switch layouts, Theme support and more!

All those features are great, but the only thing you care about is getting rid of that on screen keyboard. First, tap on the app icon that app has placed on your home screen and tap on Go to Settings. A side menu will appear and under Languages section tap on Even More.

Easily Hide Onscreen Keyboard on Android - disable onscreen keyboard

Swipe all the way down and tap on Tweaks. Under the section that says Physical keyboard tweaks you will see the Hide keyboard on physical key. Make sure you tap on the box all the way to the right to enable it. Next time you use AnySoft Keyboard, and then you connect a physical keyboard, the app will automatically disable the onscreen keyboard. It’s that easy.

With these two apps, you will easily be able to disable the onscreen keyboard that bothers you so much when you connect your external keyboard. One app only concentrates in eliminating the keyboard while the other does that and gives you some additional options for you to enjoy.

No matter what app you choose, you will finally get what you have been looking for. It would be great if stock keyboards or even Gboard had this as a built-in feature, but only time will tell if they ever do that. Which app do you think you’re going to go with? Leave a comment and let me know.

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