Create Secret Messages That Self Destruct on Facebook Messenger [Android, iOS]

Want to create secret Facebook Messenger conversations that self-destruct? It might seem it´s something out of a Mission Impossible movie, but I’m afraid you won´t be going on any secret mission for now, even though it might make you feel like a secret agent. It´s a feature that Facebook Messenger has included to protect even more your messages, even though they clearly state that our messages are already safe.

Your Messages and calls on Messenger already benefit from strong security systems¨, Facebook stated in their blog post.

It´s good to know that are messages are already secure, but there are times when you want even more precautions taken, for example when you are exchanging personal financial data or when you´re talking about something extremely personal.

How to Create a Secret Conversation on Facebook Messenger on Android

Facebook Messenger

To begin with a secret conversation, open Facebook Messenger like you normally would. Now, tap on plus sign to write a message and on the upper right-hand corner, you´re going to see a lock that you need to toggle on.

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When you turn it on, the messenger’s colors are going to change from blue to black, but not to worry since this will go back to the original colors once you´re done. Select the name of the person you want to start the secret conversation with and you should see something like this.

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If you if only want to have a secret conversation, you can simply start typing from here. Keep in mind that you can always start a new secret message on another device, the but last conversations will no longer be available on the old phone or the new one, for that matter (this also applies to iOS).

How Can I Delete Secret conversations? Deleting them is very easy, tap on your profile icon > Scroll down to Secret Conversation > Delete Secret Conversations. Even though you erase the messages, the other person is still going to have them on their device.

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How to Create Self-Destructing Messages on Facebook Messenger

To create messages that self-destruct, first, you need to tap on the clock icon. In the next page, you can set the lifespan of these messages so that they can appear for only 10 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, Etc before they self-destruct.

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How Can You Verify That Your Conversations are Encrypted?

You and the person you are talking to, have what Facebook calls Device Keys. Device Keys are codes that you have to compare with the other person to make sure they have them as well. Comparing device keys is not something you’re obligated to do since you’re conversations are already encrypted, this verification process is entirely optional. But if it’s something you want to do, accessing these codes is very easy.



When you’re in the secret conversation, you’re going to see the information icon on the top right. Tap on that i and Device Keys should be the second option. Once you’re in Device Keys, you will see three rows of letters and number of each user’s. On the top, you should see text that tells you to compare these keys with the other person’ s phone to ensure that the conversation is safe.

How to Start Secret Conversations that Self-Destruct on iOS

If you’re on iOS, you can start a secret conversation on Facebook Messenger by tapping the home icon and tap the pencil icon to start a new discussion. On the top right, tap on where it says Secret and choose who you want to talk to. If you select the timer icon, you can program how much time can pass before the message you sent self-destructs. If you want to compare Device Keys, you can do that by tapping on the profile picture and then selecting Device Keys. Compare those keys with the other person to make sure your conversation is safe.



Protecting our privacy is something I think we are all kind of obsessed with since out conversations are no one else’s business. Hopefully, these secret conversations on Facebook Messenger will make everyone feel a little safer when sharing sensitive information on the popular messenger. Have you had a secret conversation? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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