How To Create a Reminder in Facebook Messenger

You’re talking to your friend on Facebook Messenger, and you both agree that it’s time to go camping a month from now. In the meantime, you have a million things to do to prepare for your trip on top of your everyday activities.

You can’t afford to forget anything or else all hell will break lose. Sure, you can add the event to your calendar, but the more reminders you have, the better, right? If you’re like me and you keep saying you’ll do it later after each reminder, then you need to add another one in Facebook Messenger.

How to Quickly Create a Reminder in Facebook Messenger

Since every phone is different, you might find the option in different places, but you start by tapping the three horizontal lines. It should be the second alternative listed.

If you don’t see it, don’t worry, there is another way you can create reminders in Facebook Messenger. Just type something like ¨Baseball next Sunday? ¨ and when you send the message, Messenger will automatically give you the option to create the event.

How to Easily Create Reminder in Facebook Messenger

After tapping on the option, it’s time to set a date and time. Just scroll up and down until the date you want is adjusted. Once you’re done with the date, don’t forget to set the time too. Select the time at the top right and set up the time the game is going to start.

Once the date and time have been established, select accept, and you’re done. The event will be created, but it’s not going to have any additional information. Tap on Assign, a Name to Reminder, to give it a title. After typing the name, don’t forget to save it or you will have to start over.

If you ever need to make any additional changes, the reminder will always be at the top of the chat. Tap on the event, and you will be taken where you can make the necessary changes. If the information about the event is too sensitive, remember that you can also create self-destructing messages on Facebook Messenger as well.


As you can see, creating a reminder on Facebook Messenger is very easy to create and to edit. So, the next time you need a reminder about something, simply type it out or tap on the dots. Do you think that you’re going to start creating a reminder in Messenger? Share your thoughts in the comments.

From now on, it’s going to be virtually impossible for you to forget about that Baseball game. Sure, you lost last time but remember that revenge is a plate best served cold. Do you think that you’re going to start creating a reminder in Messenger? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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