Create Fantastic Musical Slideshows with Slideshow Maker

Create Fantastic Musical Slideshows MakerSome might think that to create musical slideshows you have to have to use some hard to understand software. I’m sure that there’s a software for that, but why use those them when you can use just one easy to use app?

After using the Slideshow Maker app for Android, you’ll be so hooked on making slideshows, and you’ll wonder how you ever did without the app. You’ll love the design and the options the app has to offer, and you might even be tempted to recommend it to a friend or two.

How to Easily Create Slideshows on Android for Free

When you first open the app, you will see four ways you can search for the images that will go into your slideshow. You can either choose from your device’s gallery, Facebook, Instagram or Search for random pictures. You can also tap on the yellow button at the bottom too if you want.

Once you’ve chosen how you’re to choose your pictures, it’s time to decide which ones you’ll include. When you’re choosing your photos, you’ll see the same options as before with the exception of the Stock and Faces tab.

How to Create The Best Slideshows on Android

The Faces tab simply shows you all the images you have that shows someone’s face. You can quickly switch from tab to tab so you can insert all kinds of pictures into your slideshow. If you can’t remember if you added an image or not,  just slide the picture bar at the bottom back and forth to see which ones you’ve included.

Once you’re done choosing your images, tap on the check mark. Now, it’s time to personalize your slideshow. At the bottom, you’re going to see various options.

The first options let you decide how the pictures will switch to the nex one, the music you’ll include and if you want any real-time effects that will be added.

Adding Real-Time Video Effects

I recommend you use the real-time effects since they are so much fun to use. You can add effects such as Love, Night, Spring, TV, Christmas, Birthday, Sea, and Snow. I went ahead and used the TV effect, added a sticker, put one picture on top of another one, and used a filter. Make sure that you always have the best WiFi signal you can keep enjoying them for hours on end.

How to Adde Effects to Slideshows on Android - create slideshows

To use features such as Stickers, Adding Text, Filter, Picture transition time, Patch and Edit feature, you will need to tap on the pencil icon on your slideshow. You can also add create your own watermark that can appear on every image in your slideshow. There an option to add another image, Text or to add a sticker.

Want to change things up a little? Try changing the aspect ration of your presentation. You can change it to 1.1, 4:3, 16:9, 3:4 or 9:16. If you forget to add an image, just tap on the image icon with the plus sign. After that, you can enjoy your slideshow with the image that was missing.

Free Extensions

The app even offers free extension you can add. There are extensions such as Happy 2017,  Animal Stickers, Flags, Speech Bubbles, Hashtags and more! After creating a few slideshows, the next time you open your app your creations will not only be in your device’s gallery, but they will also be saved on the app.

Whoever said that creating slideshows was a software thing, obviously hasn’t used Slideshow Maker. It’s a free and fun app that is waiting for you to download it. I think you’ll be happy with how your creations will turn out. Do you think that you will give the app a try? Leave a comment and let me know.

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