Create Music with Any Android Keyboard and Impress Your Friends

One of the things you just have to love about Android is that you can customize it from all over, even modify your Android keyboard. You can do a lot more with it in comparison to iOS, and you have a lot more options as well. Most of the changes you make are to get the most out of your phone, but what about having fun?

Have you ever made a change that you ended up having a good time with? If not, it’s time for you to install an app that can turn your Android keyboard into a musical keyboard. Now, every time you type you’ll be creating music as well.

How to Make Your Android Device Play Music When You Type

Open the Google Play app and install an app called Keyusic – Keyboard Sounds. Once you’re done installing the app, open it and toggle on the option that says Start Up. The app will ask you to give it Accessibility service and then show you the option Show The Settings, which you need to tap on.

How to Add a Musical Keyboard to Your Android Device

Once you’re in Accessibility, look for the app and grant it access. Once the access has been enabled go back to the app and tap on Start Up.

If you only want to use the musical keyboard on certain apps, tap on the plus sign at the bottom and choose the apps. You can choose as many apps as you want to. To set up the musical keyboard on every single app, tap on Global Activation.

How to Tweak The Sound and Pick an Instrument

In Keyusing, go to the Experimenting tab and at the bottom, you’re going to have a section where you can test out the app a bit. I’d recommend that you first try the app with the default settings and then make any necessary changes.

If you don’t like the one the default one, you can always choose another one from the drop-down menu. There is also an option to modify the overdrive and change the octave so the sound is higher pitched. You can also give it a little reverb if you want.

How to Make Your Android Keyboard Play Music

The sound that the keyboard will give is tied to your device’s system media volume. It’s a good idea to set it at a level that will allow you to enjoy it but not bother those around you. Each letter of the keyboard is a different note, so I’m sure you’ll put something great together.


It’s important that the changes you make toy our phone are useful and make things easier for you. But, it’s also important that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

So, if you’re a music lover you¡re going to enjoy this app even more.The only hard part if remember what buttons you pressed to create that masterpiece. Don’t forget to share how you set up the app in the comments.

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