How to Copy Text By Long-Pressing The Home Button

Every once in a while you might come across a text you need to copy. You long-press over the text like you normally would, but nothing happens. Ugh, it’s one of those apps that doesn’t allow you to copy anything, now what?

Normally you would just have to moan and complain about it and move on. Since you can’t copy what you need that app is of no use to you. The good news is that the Garage team over at Microsoft have an app that can help you copy even when the app wouldn’t usually allow it.

Copy Text By Only Using The Home Button

To use your home button to copy text, you’ll need to install an app called Clip Layer. When you first launch the app, you’ll be asked to tap on the first button on the main menu. That’ll take you to a system settings menu. There you’ll need to choose the Assist app or Device assistance app from the list.

How to Copy Text with the home button

It’s important that the Use text from screen option is turned on and then tap on the Assist app entry at the top of your display. Don’t forget to choose Clip Layer from the list and to tap on Agree when it’s displayed.

The next you want to copy text from an app, just long-press on the home button and you should see the app’s interface appear. You can choose between options such as Copy, Task, Email and Share. Feel free to choose various words, and they’ll be added in sequential order.

If you choose Copy, the words will be added to your clipboard. Task, will let you add that text to a to-do list. The Email option lets you send the text to a new Email, and the Share option allows you to share the text with an app you already have on your phone.

If Google Assistant is important to you and you use it often, then this app might not be what you’re looking for. But, it’s worth a try since it’s free and useful. If you do give the app a try, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments.

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