Turn your old phone into a security center with Haven

It seems that every day, security is increasingly challenged, and we see that there are many security holes on one side and another, even Edward Snowden is one of those responsible for the leaks as operating systems of spying of the NSA and monitoring in the different teams.

Well, the Edward Snowden and the collaboration between the Freedom of the Free Press Foundation and the Guardian Project have created an app for our devices, now for Android, that allows users to “protect their personal space and their possessions without compromising your own privacy”, what you get thanks to the sensors of our device which will monitor our environment and you will be informed of everything that happens in an encrypted and secure way.


The app name is Haven, and what we can install on any device even if the recommendation is to use it with an Android device, old that we have on the table catching dust, which will make monitoring centre.

Once you have activated the app, we will be asked to access to many parts of the mobile, it is logical if you have to use all the sensors on the mobile, the main aim is to discover if someone gains access to your device, and invading the personal space.

For example, the use of camera both rear and front will provide you the help if there are objects in motion, light sensor by light changes in the environment, the microphone will hear the ambient noise, the current sensor, to know if you connect any cables or if you are connected to the desenchufan, the helmets if you connect any cable and also the use of the accelerometer to know if it is in motion and vibration of the mobile

The app will come configured by default the sensitivity of the sensors that we same change in the configuration as well as set a phone number to receive notifications and alerts, or through the mail through your messaging client secure Signal.

The advantage of this app is safety, is that it is an open source project, Open Source posted on GitHub that we can modify it and even compile it if we want to ourselves.

This app is available on F-Droid or via Google Play, that app:

Before we forget is that this app is in beta phase so you might receive improvements of stability and compatibility. The app is designed to monitor the intruders another thing is that someone other use.

Info: Haven, guardianproject, freedom


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