The Best Clock Apps for Heavy Sleepers – Top 5

You wake up in the morning to only see you’ve slept through the alarm, again. You rush to get ready for work and practically running out of the house with your toothbrush still in your mouth. It’s time to get an alarm app that is going to get you out of bed the first time it goes off.

Besides getting up to go to work an important day is coming. Remember, Christmas is getting closer and will need to get up early to go shopping too. Good thing that there are apps for that too.

The Best Clock Apps

The following apps are especially for heavy sleepers that need a powerful alarm clock that is going to get them out of bed. These apps are free but have what it takes to get you to work on time.

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

An app that will surely get you our of bed is Alarmy. It’s an app that is very easy to use, and when you first open the app, it gives you a brief tour on how to create your first alarm.

Alarm apps for heavy sleepers

As you can see from the image above, the app comes with three alarms already created. If you want to delete them tap on the three vertical dots and the first option is delete.

Instead of deleting them all, I kept one and just modified it. Just tap on the alarm you want to change, and you will see various options. The option that matters here is how you turn off your alarm, so tap on Alarm Off Method.

You can either choose Default, Take a picture, Shake, Math problems, and Barcode/QR-code. Don’t forget to pick the method that hardest to turn off or you’ll go back to sleep.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

If you didn’t like Alarmy, you could always try Puzzle Alarm Clock app. What this app does is that it makes you wake up to a different puzzle every day. You can choose from puzzles such as Memory, Equations, Shape sequence and Retype password.

The Best WakeUp Alarm Clock Android

If you think that a puzzle might not be enough to get you out of bed, then you can add a power-up. A power-up is a method that the app has that will certainly get you out of bed (at least in the developer’ s point of view).

You can choose from Power-ups such as the flashlight blinking during the alarm, notification asking if you’re up after turning off the alarm and reducing even eliminating the snooze button.


This other clock app for heavy sleepers is also pretty straightforward. Tap on the red circle to add an alarm and add the typical alarm details. Scroll down until you see Stop Alarm and tap on it.

Alarm Pro for Heavy Sleepers

You will be given three options on how you can turn off your alarm, by tapping on a button, by calculating or by shaking your device. Once you’re done setting up your alarm tap on the check mark on the top right and your alarm is saved.

Shake-It Alarm

I have to admit that Shake-It Alarm app is my personal favorite. It has the nicest interface out of all the apps, and it was actually fun to use.

To set up your first alarm tap on the plus sign at the bottom right. You can add the standard alarm details such as name. Days, and volume. You can add other useful details such as the difficulty of the alarm and if you want to do a lot of shaking or a lot of touching (stop thinking dirty).

Apps to get up in the morning

If you choose to shake, you will have to shake your phone until the yellow line reaches the end of the line. While you shake your phone, there will be an animation of a penguin slapping the abominable snowman. If you choose to touch a lot, you will have to repeatedly tap on your phone’s screen until the line reaches the end as well.

The Best Alarm Apps for getting up Android

Morning Routine

This app for heavy sleepers takes things once step further. Instead of shaking your phone, you can set a sequence of things so that app knows you’re awake for sure. For example, you can turn your alarm by scanning your toothpaste’s barcode.

Morning Routine Clock App

20 Minutes later, you will have to scan your cereal’s barcode and so on. So, if you’re really up and doing your routine, these are going to be things you’d be doing anyway, right?

After you have completed the sequence, you can either have the app do nothing or automatically open an app. The app also has a great design, and the graphics are great as well.


I used to try leaving my phone far away from my bed so I would have to get up to turn off the alarm. That wasn’t a very good idea since I would immediately get back in bed. These apps are a great choice to finally get to work on time. Which app do you think you’re going to use?

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