Clear Cached Data: What it is and When to Erase It

Android users are always trying to find the best way to make their smartphone’s faster. Some may backup their files to the cloud or clear cached data on their Android devices. Just as long as the result is a faster smartphone, it’s something you’re going to try.

If you don’t get the results you want by clearing your device’s cached data, you try clearing the app data. But, there’s a good chance that you’re doing this just because someone told you that’s what you need to do. Have you ever stopped to think what cache or app data is and when it’s a good idea to clear it?

Clear Cached Data: When and How to Do It

When an Android user is having problems, one of the first things they are told to do is remove cached data. It’s something that is not only recommended for Android but other operating systems as well.

But, have you ever asked yourself what cached data is? It’s information that can either come from an app you’re using or a website you’ve visited. That cached data is stored on your computer or mobile device, so the next time you visit the site or load the app, it loads faster.

So, is app data the same thing as Cached data? No, it’s not. App data involves things such as preferences, settings, account information, etc. that the app has saved. For example, if you delete app data for the Google Play app, you will have to set everything up again as if it were the first time using the app.

When should you clear cached data? Do it when you notice that the app is lagging or not working as great as it used to be. There is no exact amount of time when you should erase it, but if you’re a heavy user, a frequent clean won’t hurt your device.

If the app is working just fine and the speed it perfect, then there’s no need to delete anything.┬áIf you’ve cleared cache data and still nothing, then as a last resort you can try deleting app data. If you keep forgetting to clear the cached data, you can always remind yourself with a reminder in Facebook Messenger.

How to Clear Cached and App Data on Android


Clearing your Android device’s cache data or app data is easy. Open Settings > Applications > Application Manager > Dropbox (or any other app) > Storage.

How to Clear App Cache on iPhone

The best way you can get rid of all those junk files and app cache is with a free third party app such as Battery Doctor. Once you’ve installed the app go to the folder that has the app cache by using the Junk tab on the bottom menu.

How to Erase App Cache on iPhone - clear cached data

Now tap on the Clean Up Cache button and read the caution message and select Clean. Once you tap on the button, the app will erase temporary files from apps, and that could include your game progress and cache data. Once the app is done it will show you everything that was erased.


Clearing cached data is something that all Android users should regularly do, but not too frequently. Cached data makes our device’s run faster, so it’s something you want around but not for too long. Why? because some apps usually save gigabytes of data that is useless to you.

A clean Android is a happy Android. How often do you clean your device’s cached or app data? Let me know in the comments.

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