What to Do When Chrome Keeps Crashing

It´s no secret that browsers have a tendency to crash from time to time. The exact cause is difficult to pinpoint, but when it does crash, the only thing you care about is gettings it fixed and fast. Discover how you can fix Chrome when it Crashes.

Standard Solutions

Let´s get the basics out of the way. One of the reasons why Chrome keeps crashing on you is because your computer is running out or has run out of memory. To run the apps, websites, programs and extensions properly, you´re going to need memory and if your computer doesn´t have enough of it, Chrome crashes.

Try closing all unnecessary tabs or even all of them but leave the one that is showing you the error open. Refresh and see if everything goes back to normal.

Another essential tip you can try is closing Chrome and starting it up again or if possible, restart the device you´re using Chrome on. It´s amazing what a simple reboot can do.

A tip you may have heard about is to clear the cache, Cookies and to also make sure that Chrome is up to date. You can check if you have the latest version of Chrome by going to Settings > About > If you don´t have the latest version, Chrome will automatically start updating, but if you´ve got the latest version, then hopefully the other methods can help.

Fix Chrome Crashes

Fix Chrome Crashes

Use The Chrome Cleaning Software

Google has a software that you can download for free that will tell you if there is anything that is interfering with Chrome. Once it restarts, you´re going to need to restart Chrome, which can be very helpful.

Try Opening the page in Safari or Firefox

It´s important to see where the problems lie, if it´s with Chrome or whether the page itself is failing. If the page has no problems in loading on another browser, try uninstalling and then reinstalling Chrome. Doing the same with extensions can also be very helpful.

Incompatibility Issues

It looks like even certain technologies sometimes have a hard time getting along. Another reason why Chrome keeps crashing on you could be because there could be hardware acceleration problems. To fix this issue go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings > System. You should see a box that says Use hardware acceleration when available, uncheck and the restart the browser.


Use Chrome´s Hidden Page to Find Errors

Chome has a hidden site that many users might not know about that helps you detect if there are any conflicts with your browser. To gain access to this site type chrome://conflicts into the address bar and press Enter. You should see something like this.

Fix Chrome Crashes

Disable Flash

Sometimes the solution is as easy as disabling Flash. By disabling the Internal Flash plugin, you could be preventing any issues with the standard Flash plugin that Chrome features.

Eliminate any Extensions You Don´t Use Anymore

Let´s face it, you get extension happy and install more extensions that you need. You may find them useful at that precise moment, but find yourself using them less and less. Head on over to chrome://extensions and look through the list of extensions you´ve installed and eliminated any that you don´t need anymore.


Sometimes it seems like Chrome has a mind of its own, but hopefully, these troubleshooting tips helped you. What kind of problems are you  having with Chrome?

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