How to Check If Your Phone has NFC

NFC is Near Field Communication. A technology that was created to connect two devices wirelessly. Thanks to this technology you can transfer files and save mobile data in the process. The only downside is that the other person has to be right there with you. But, other than that it’s a feature you want on your phone.

But, how can you know if your phone even supports NFC? You can either check in your device’s settings or as usual, use an app that was made especially for that. If you don’t have much time, don’t worry since these are the fastest methods to see if your phone supports NFC.

How to Check Your Phone for NFC

If you already have way too many apps on your phone, you can simply check your phone to see if it supports NFC. First open settings and once you’ve opened the Settings app on your phone go to Wireless and Networks.

How to check your phone for NFC

Select More, and you should see an option for NFC, but only if your phone supports it. If NFC is nowhere to be found, then I’m afraid your phone doesn’t support it.

Does my phone have NFC

Since all phone are created differently, you might only need to go into your phone’s Settings to see if it supports NFC. You should see something that says NFC and Payment. Tap on that and toggle NFC on in the upper right-hand corner.

Do I Have NFC?

Another way you can quickly check to see if your phone supports NFC is by installing a free app called Do I have NFC? A perfect name for the app, don’t you think? I have to admit that this app surprised me as to how fast it gave you the answer as to if your device has NFC.

Do I have NFC - Check Phone NFC

As soon as the app finishes installing it instantly tells you if you have NFC or not. There is nothing else to the app. There is a button on the bottom left just in case you want to learn more about NFC and another to rate the app. That’s it. Talk about simplicity.

Once you’re done, there is no need to keep the app on your device. You also don’t have to worry about the app asking for a whole lot of permissions either. It doesn’t ask for a single one.

Final Thoughts

Another way you can check to see if your device supports NFC is simply by Googling your phone model followed by the words NFC. But, the more methods you know, the better, right? Which method do you think you’re going to use?

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