How To Change Your Android Volume Level on a Schedule

Imagine that you’re at work in a very important meeting and all of a sudden your phone starts to ring at full blast! You forgot to lower the volume when you got to the office and now everyone at work is going to make fun of you for having that Nsync ringtone.

The same thing applies when you’re at somewhere where you need the volume level to be as low as possible. Sure, you can manually lower the volume, but how many times have you forgotten to do that?

How to Make Your Android Volume Change on a Schedule

The first thing you need to do is install the Volume Scheduler app. When you first open the app you will see two settings that the app has already created; Office and Home.

Since these are two that I would have created anyway, I went ahead and left them like that. Before you do anything, make sure that the Volume Scheduler is toggled on at the top right.

Let’s say you want the volume level to be at its lowest when you’re at work. Tap on the Office option and then select Edit. If you want to create your own Volume Profile, just click on the plus sign at the bottom right.

How to Chane Volume Level on Schedule on Android

Once you enter the settings, you will see the features you can choose from. In Profile settings you can change the name of the option, set the volume level, pick a ringtone (paid feature) and modify the notification tone.

Since the whole purpose of the app was the control the level of your device, tap on Volume Profile. The app will now show you everything you can change the volume for such as:

  • Phone Volume
  • Notifications Volume
  • Media Volume
  • Alarm Volume
  • System Volume
  • Voice Call Volume

When you’re done just tap on the done button to continue. Now it’s time to put the schedule together. Under Schedule Settings, the first option you’re going to see is when you want that schedule to kick in.

How to Automatically Change Volume Level on Android

You’re not going to see an option for an end time since the other volume profile is what will change your volume level again. Keep in mind that on some phones ringtone and notification are tied together so you might not be able to set them separately

Scroll all the way to the bottom and you’re going to see the Notifications Settings.

Volume Scheduler for Android

Turn Off Show Popup

I would recommend that you toggle off the first option that says ¨Show popup and ask before applying on schedule time¨.

How to make android change volume level on its own

If you keep this on, the volume won`t change automatically since you will need to give it your permission first. The idea is that the volume changes on its own without you having to do anything, right?

The Office Volume Profile is done, now you need to repeat the process for the Home Volume Profile. The Home Profile will obviously need to have higher volume levels and the start time for that one will determine the end time for the Office one.

If anyone every tries to change the volume levels on your phone by trying to get into without your permission, remember you can always take an intruder selfie.


Thanks to Volume Scheduler, you won’t have to worry about missing an important call because you forgot to change the volume level on your phone. The app is free so giving it a try is worth a shot. Do you think that you will give the app a try? Leave a comment and let me know.

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