CarWink, a device to communicate with drivers

Every day, new ideas, new products and new devices, with the idea to cover a necessity of our daily life, sometimes they succeed, other times they are left with the idea developed for when the time comes.

Surely many of us are drivers or passengers, and we have been hit with the task of communicating with another driver to thank him for providing us with a maneuver that you normally do with a hand gesture or an alert that we put the warnings out of the car, but many times the other driver may not see or may misinterpret the signal, this idea was born CarWink.

CarWink is a device created by theinnovart that wants to encourage those warnings of a more visual of what is already there.

On the operation of this device we find that it gives priority to the use of the voice to avoid giving in to the application and distract us, although I think that it will be updated for use with Android Auto, so that we would have absolute control and not have to activate the app.

The autonomy has a battery of 2600 mAh which can be charged without problems independently because it incorporates a solar panel but if we need to load it, we can do it by using a charge from a micro USB.

We can see how it works:

The colors available are: Blue, white, black, and red-and-white:

Here are the technical specifications of the device or accessory:

The product is not to sale but have to echo a campaign of crowfunding in kickstarter to launch the product, whose goal is to get $ 80,000 needed, by now have already achieved more than half 45.497 dollars, by now most 401 people who have contributed and are missing only 26 days to finish the goal, if you are interested in, visit and make your contribution.

Link of the camapaƱ: CarWink


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