How to Block Volume Buttons [Android]

Have you ever given your phone to someone for whatever reason and when you check your device you see that you have a missed call? You probably ask yourself how this was possible since you never muted your phone, but don´t stop to think that maybe the person you gave your phone too, changed your volume settings?

Don´t let that happen again and download Volume Lock and Mute to block the volume buttons on your Android device.

Volume Lock & Mute

Block Volume Buttons

You are going to love  Volume Lock and Mute; The app is very easy to use since all you have to do to lock the media and voice call volume to your current settings is tap on the square of what you want to lock.

How to Set Volume Levels

For example, I want to keep my media and voice call volume to my current settings.  I tap on the black square, and the volume settings will lock at the level I currently have them and even if someone tried to lower the volume of my phone, they won´t be able to.

Block Volume Buttons

Volume Lock & Mute supports a large number of languages including English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and much more!


You also have the option to allow the volume to decrease, if that´s something you want to do. In the Incoming call section, you have the option of unmuting calls for callers that are only in your contacts, so that way any private number or people you don´t know can´t call you. You can also do the opposite and only accept calls from people that are not in your contact list or only let calls without caller ID through.

How to Let Certain Calls Through

Let´s say you don´t feel like talking to anyone, but you will always want to talk to that special someone. You can set the app up so only calls from that specific person or group of people will go through.

You will need to check the Unmute only on defined caller ID.


The, you will need to tap on Manage caller ids that will light up when you select the option right above it. In the next area, you need to tap on the contacts icon and choose the person or group of people whose calls will go through even though your phone is muted.


You can also manually add a caller ID by tapping on the three vertical dots right beside the contact icon. If you´re experiencing any problems with the app or you would like the developer to add some more features, the last option lets you Email the developer. I wish all apps had that option directly built into the app, don´t you?


It´s very annoying when either someone else or you accidentally change the volume settings of your Android device since that can result in you missing one very important phone call. Thanks to Volume Lock & Mute that won´t be a problem anymore. Have you ever missed a phone call because someone messed with your volume settings? Share your thought in the comments.

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