How to Block or Unblock Someone on Snapchat

Like everything in life, there comes a time when a friend is just plain annoying. Luckily, Snapchat is prepared when those kinds of moments happen and allow you to either block or delete that ¨friend¨. The Answer is not deleting your Snapchat account, but blocking them.

If you ever forgive that friend because they realized how irritating they were being, I will also show you how you can unblock them as well. Let´s cut to the chase and see how you can block that annoying friend.

How to Block Someone on Snapchat

So, you’ve decided to go through with it and block that ” friend.” Blocking someone on Snapchat is easy and painless. Open the app and tap on the ghost icon at the top. You should now see three options: Added Me, Add Friends, and My Friends. Tap on My Friends and find the person that you want to block. Once you’ve found them, tap on the contact and choose the gear icon on the upper right. You should get a popup with the block option being the last one.

How to BlockSomeone on Snapchat

How to Unblock Someone on Snapchat

If you want to give that Snapchatter a second chance, unblocking them is quick and easy. Open the app and tap on the ghost again. This time, you’re going to tap on the gear icon on the top right and scroll all the way down to Blocked. Tap on Blocked, and you will see a list of all the Snapchat users you’ve blocked. Find the one you’ve forgiven and tap on the X to the right. You will be asked if you are sure that you want to unblock them and you tap Unblock, that’s how they will stay from now on.

How to Unblock Someone on Snapchat


How to Block Someone From Viewing Your Snapchat Story

For some, the more people see their story, the better, but if you don’t want a certain user to see your stories, there’s a way to do that too. Go to Settings > My Story > Custom. Now, choose the people you want to block from seeing your stories and from now on, your stories won’t show up on their feeds. Your friend will still be able to message you as usual, but they won’t be able to see your story.

how-to-blocHow to Block Certain Friends from Seeing My Snapchat Story

How to Block Strangers from Sending You Snaps

Snapchat will allow strangers to contact if have it set up that way. If you only want your friends to see it go to Settings > Who Can> Contact Me. If you choose anyone, you’re letting strangers send you just about anything. If you choose friends, Well, I can’t guarantee that the content will be any good, but at least you’ll know it’s from people you know.

How to Block Strangers on Snapchat - Block Unblock Someone Snapchat

How Block Someone You Talked to on Snapchat

So you had one conversation with this person, and now they think you’re in love with them. To get that weirdo out of your Snapchat life swipe left on the name and tap on the hamburger icon.  Choose Block and now that persons won’t be able to send you Chats, Snaps, or even view your story. Don’t worry, you did what you had to do.

How to Block Someone Who Added You as a Friend on Snapchat

What you consider a friend to be might be different from other people’s. So, it’s not going to be odd that someone might consider you a friend after having a 5-minute conversation with them. If you want to block someone that added you as a friend tap on the ghost at the top and then on Added Me. Choose their name and then tap on the gear icon next to their name or if you prefer, you can swipe left to their name. Whatever is easier for you.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Snapchat

When you block someone, they will not get will not get an Email or any notice that you have blocked them. You will be gone from their friend’ s list, and they won’t be able to contact you in any way, no chat or snaps. They won’t be able to see your stories, and you won’t be able to see theirs. They might think that you closed their account, but they can easily ask other friends why you’ve disappeared from Snapchat and then you might have some explaining to do.


Snapchat has its good and bad side. There is no need to worry about the good side, only the bad. But, if you know how to keep the bad people out of your Snapchat life, then you have nothing to worry about. Have you ever had to deal with any annoying people on Snapchat? If so, share your thoughts in the comments.

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