How to Block or Unblock Someone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a multi-platform app that allows you to communicate with ease. You can talk to anyone on your contact list anytime by either sending them a text message, voice message or even a video call. Thanks to these features you can talk to family and friends that may be many miles away and that you can’t see every day.

Unfortunately, you can come across people that can be very annoying and don’t have anything else to do but to message you. If you can’t stand the constant messaging, the good news is that you can block that person. With the following tips, you can easily get rid of that person on WhatsApp by blocking then or unblock them if you’ve forgiven them.

How to Block Someone on WhatsApp (Android)

Regardless of the Android version, your device is running on, the first thing you need to do is launch the app. Tap on the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner > Settings > Account > Privacy > Scroll down to Blocked contacts.

How to Block Someone on WhatsApp

To add that contact you want to block tap on the person icon with the plus sign to the side. Now, just select the contact and you´re done.

How to Block a WhatsApp Number That is Not on Your Contact List

If you want to block someone that is not saved on your phone as a contact, just open the chat that you had with that unknown number and select block button.

How to UnBlock Someone on WhatsApp for Android

So you´ve decided to forgive that person because they have promised to behave. Good for them. Unblocking someone is just as easy as blocking them. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts > Long-press on the contact you want to unblock and select unblock from the pop-up menu.

How to Block a WhatsApp Number on iOS

To block someone on WhatsApp for iOS is slightly different. First open WhatsApp > Settings > Account < Privacy > Blocked > Add New.

How to Block Someone on WhatsApp on iOS

How to Block Someone Who Is Not on Your Contact List

There is always some wise guy or gal that think that ¨love¨ message is funny. If you want to block someone that sent you the dumbest message ever, just tap on the Block button on the left. How about them apples?

How to Block a Non-Contact on WhatsApp for iOS Block someone WhatsApp

How to UnBlock Someone on WhatsApp for iOS

To unblock someone only repeat the steps you followed to block someone, but when you open the Blocked list swipe your finger to the left of the contact and choose the Unblock button.

What Happens When I Block Someone on WhatsApp (Android, iOS)

When you decide to block someone, you lose all contact with that person. The messages that person sent, you will no longer appear on your phone. If they ever try to send you new messages, you will never get them.

The blocked person can no longer see the last time you were online or your information. They can´t see you status message updates and any modifications you have made to your profile picture. They won´t be able to see how you added that portrait mode picture without cropping. You obviously won´t be able to call or message them; that was the whole point of blocking them right?

There is one thing that blocking someone will not change. You will continue to see that persons on your WhatsApp list and they will still have you as a contact. That doesn´t change.  To remove that person from your contacts list, you need to remove them from your device´s contact list.

If the person you blocked ever sent you anything while they were blocked, you will never see that information if you ever decide to unblock them. If the day before, that person was able to either make a voice call, video call, or text you and the next day they can´t, they will know you have blocked them.


Furthermore, you should keep on mind that blocking someone might bring a wave of complaints from that person. However, if they were asking for it, they got what they deserved, right? How many people have you blocked on WhatsApp? Let me know in the comments.

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