6 Apps to Block Calls and Text Messages on Android

Every now and then you get that phone call or text message from someone you just can’t stand. You have no idea how that person got your number, but one things for sure, you’re not going to change it. You shouldn’t have to go through all the hassle because of that one person.

You’ll be happy to know that there are several apps you can use to block calls and SMS. What’s even better is that all the apps in the list are free. You will finally get that peace and quiet you need.

Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is one very popular call and SMS blocking app you can install for free. You can easily block either calls or SMS or both at the same time. You can add anyone to your black list by tapping the blue circle at the bottom right and choose if you want to add them from your contacts, Input the number, from call logs, etc.

How to Easily Block Calls on Android

There are three tabs; Blacklist, Log, and Schedule. With Blacklist, you will see all the contacts you’ve decided to block. In Log, you will get a summary of all the call and SM the app has blocked.

How to Block Calls and SMS on a Schedule Android

In the Schedule tab, you can schedule a time where no calls will come in. The only calls that will be allowed to go through are the ones on your` whitelist.

Call Control

With over 5 million downloads, Call Control is another useful app, but this one only blocks calls. It may not block SMS, but it does have an option called Community. With this option, other users report what phone numbers are spam so other users can be a step ahead and block those number before they call them.

Call Control Blocks Call on Android

If you want to report a spam call and want to warn other users, you can easily do that in the Report Call tab. The first two options are the one you’re probably most interested in; The Block List and the Allowed List. The app is so easy to use than even the police officer in the app points to where you need to tap to add someone to the black or white list.

Mr. Number Block Calls and Spam

Don’t you just hate it when you’re expecting a crucial call and when the phone does, ring it’s a solicitor? Ugh! Say goodbye to those kinds of calls with the Mr. Nymber Block Calls and Spam app.

How to Manually Block a phone number

When you first open the app, it takes you through a brief introduction of the app. It also blocks three kinds of calls from the get-go: Scam or Fraud, Suspected Spam, and Hidden Numbers. By tapping on Blocking Enabled, you can block other kinds of calls as well.

To manually enter a number to block go to Blocking Enabled > Numbers of My Block List > Tap the plus sign at the bottom right > Tap the pound sign.

Block Call and Block SMS

The Block Call and Block SMS app might not have the nicest design out there, but it does offer what matters. With this app, you will be able to block those annoying calls.

Call Blokcer Block SMS

No more anonymous calls and you can also disable notifications as well. If you’re looking for a simple app that doesn’t bombard you with too many features, then this is the app for you.

SMS Blocker

If you’re only looking to block SMS and not calls, then you’re going to like the SMS Blocker app. It has a very nice design to look at and it gets the job done. You can block someone by sender, words or phrases. To block someone tap the hamburger icon on the top left and select Block list.

The Best Apps to Block Calls and SMS

Tap the red button and choose how you want to add that person. You can either choose from Inbox, Phonebook, Call logs or you can manually add the person. You can also add people to your allowed list, so you never miss a message from that special someone.

The messages are shown in the status bar for a quick view. When you launch the app, you’re automatically using the seven-day free trial the app offers so you can enjoy everything it has to offer.

Holaa! Caller ID and Call Block

How to Block Calls on Android

Last but not least there’s the Holaa! Caller ID and Call Block App. This is the only app in the list that asks for your phone number to so it can verify it.  Once you get passed that, you’re taken to a good looking interface that has three tabs.

In the block symbol tab, you can easily add block unknown calls or block a certain contact. Simply tap on the green button, and either decide if you want to add that person manually or through your phone book.


With these apps, you won’t have to deal with those irritating phone calls or text messages anymore. You just have to choose the one that’s right for you. How bad is your spam situation?

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