Discover The Best Tips and Tricks WhatsApp Has To Offer

No matter how hard other messaging services try, they just can´t seem to beat WhatsApp. To this day it continues to be the number one messaging service, and it looks like nothing can dethrone the instant messaging king.

Sure, there maybe other messaging services that have features that WhatsApp doesn´t but that doesn´t seem to bother its users. Sooner or later WhatsApp is going to add the features it´s lacking, keeping it in that number one spot.

How to Change the Font Size in WhatsApp Chats

The font size that you see on WhatsApp might be too small for some. If you feel that it is too small, you can quickly increase the size by going to Settings > Chats > Font Size. The app lets you choose the size of the font; you can choose from Small, Medium and, Large. You can even see a preview of what your font is going to look like, so you can decide if that´s the size you want.

How to Hide Profile Picture, Status and Last Seen Stamp

Some people don´t like others knowing when was the last time they used the app. If you want to become invisible and don´t want anyone to know the last time you were online you would need to adjust your privacy settings.

How to Disable Last Seen on WhatsApp

Go to Settings > Account > Privacy and the first option should be last seen. Tap on it, and you will see three options; Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. Keep in mind that if you choose Nobody, you won´t be able to see everyone else´s last seen either. If this doesn´t bother you, then you´re good.

Hiding your profile picture is also easy. As long as your in the privacy settings, might as well do this too. Tap on the profile picture option and choose Nobody. By tapping on the Status option, you get the same options as well.

How to Turn Off The Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

If you have one of those friends that make a big deal of your not answering his/her messaging immediately, then this is the feature for you. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy and towards the bottom uncheck the Read receipts box. WhatsApp does warn you that you won´t see other people´s read receipts as well.

How to Turn Off Read Rceipts on WhatsApp

How to Add a Password to The WhatsApp App

Do you have to deal with nosey friends or family that always want to see what you are up to on WhatsApp? If this is your case then you need to download WhatsApp Lock. It´s free to download on Google Play and protects the app with a pin code.

How to Lock WhatsApp App

It gives you options to recover the pin in case you forget it and you can also set the auto-lock time. The app doesn´t let you add a pattern code, but your app is just as safe with a pin code. Choose your pin code wisely.

How to Create a WhatsApp Pop-Up Notification

If you´re on an Android device, you´re in for a treat. You can set things up so whenever someone writes to you, you can respond from the pop-up. You won´t have to open the app, thus saving you some time. Keep in mind that if you dismiss the popup, the other person is going to see the blue checkmarks, like you´ve seen the message.

How to Create a WhatsApp Popup Notification

You can do by going to Settings > Notifications > Pop-Up notification. You can either choose from:

  • No Popup
  • Only when the screen is on
  • Only when the screen is off
  • Always show popup

How to Create Contact Shortcuts

If there is someone you talk to a lot on WhatsApp, creating a shortcut for them will save you time. You won´t have to do all that tapping to get that contact to message them.

How to Create a Contact Shortcut on WhatsApp

All you have to do is go to the Chat tab and long-press on the person you want to create the shortcut for. After, you should see the options you see in the image above.

How to Change what WhatsApp Chat Wallpaper

I know, the default chat wallpaper can be pretty dull. If you want to add your own personal touch, this is what you need to do. Open the chat for the person you want to add a different wallpaper and tap on the three vertical dots.

How to Change WhatsApp Wallpaper

Select the wallpaper options and you can choose from the option the app gives you. You can even add a picture from your gallery as the wallpaper.

How to Backup Your WhatsApp Conversations

If you have some important information on your WhatsApp conversations, then backing up that information is a must. Go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.

How to Turn Certain Words to Italic, Bold or Strikethrough

If there are words you want to highlight in a conversation, either putting them in bold or italics will do the trick. You can easily do this by adding a * on both ends of the word or phrase you want to highlight or you can add an underscore _ if you want it to appear in italics. The words will automatically change before you send it.  To strikethrough add a tildes ~ on either side.

How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without The Checkmarks Turning Blue

You don´t want to turn off the read receipts feature because the same thing will be applied to you. So, how to read the WhatsApp messages without the checkmarks turning blue? Easy, you can either swipe down from the top of your screen to see the message.

How to Add a WhatsApp Widget to Android Home Screen - WhatsApp Tips Tricks

If the message is too long you can install the WhatsApp widget on a free space on your home screen. You can do this by long-pressing on a space big enough for the widget. At the bottom, select the Widgets options. swipe until you see content from WhatsApp and select the 4 x 2 widget. Drag it out from where it is and place it where you want it to go.


WhatsApp is a great instant messaging app that is full of great features. It makes perfect sense that it is the number one messaging app out there. Did I miss your favorite tip or trick for WhatsApp? Tell me which one I missed in the comments.

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