Best Tips and Tricks for Google Allo

Without a doubt that the messaging app that everyone is talking about right now is Google Allo. Time will tell if it disappears or if it’s here to stay, but for now what on everyone’s mind is how to get the most out of Google’s new messaging app for Android and iOS. What tips and tricks does Allo have? Keep reading to find out.

How to Get Bigger Text in Allo

If you can’t stand the small text and want it to be a little bigger, so it’s easier to read, Allo allows you to increase the size of the text with a hidden Slider. When you’re done typing your message, long-press on the send button and then move your finger up or down to increase or decrease the size of the text. Once you have the size you want, let go.


Write Emails With Google Allo Assistant


The Google Assistant in Allo can help you with pretty much anything you need. For example, let’ s say that you need to send an Email while using Allo, Tap on the Google Assistant and say,” Send an Email to Tom.” Automatically, the assistant will create the Email, and you only need to fill in what you want the Email to say.

Express Yourself with a Sticker


Sometimes a sticker is all you need to say what you want. Allo features 25 different sticker pads, but you can count on Google adding more as time goes by. To access the stickers tap on the plus sign on the left side and then tap on the square with the smiley face. If you’re not happy with your current selection, you can tap on the square with the smiley face on the top right to gain access to more options.

Google Allo Will Only Work on One Device

When I first heard about Allo, I thought you were going to be able to use it on as many devices as possible and that the only thing that mattered was that you signed into your Google account. Unfortunately, that’s not the way Google Allo works. Just like WhatsApp, Google Allo is linked to your phone number so you can only use it on one device at a time. If you want to use Allo on another device, take out your SIM card and put it into another device and pick up where you left off.

How to Switch Google Accounts


Google Allo automatically connects to the main Google account on your device. If you don’t want the assistant to have easy access to your Email account of if you want to use a different account, all you have to to is go to Settings > Disconnect. Now, the same area where you saw what Google account was synced to Allo will now say No Google Account. Tap on that area and Allo will show you all of your accounts and now choose which one you want to switch to. You can find settings by tapping on the hamburger icon on the top left-hand corner of the main page of Allo.

Easily Block People


It looks like just about anyone that has your phone number can send you a message on Google Allo. There is no way to hide your name or prevent users from being able to find you. To block someone on Google Allo, all you have to do is long-press on the conversation you were forced to have with someone to not be rude, and select block.

If you’re on iOS, you need to open the chat and select their profile picture. Now tap on See Profile and you should see an option to block them.

Add a Doodle to Your Pictures


Adding a doodle to your images is easy. All you have to do is tap on the pencil that will appear on your images and select what color you want the doodle to be. You will also see a text icon, just in case you feel like adding a text and not a doodle.


Smart Replies

Smart Replies in Google Allo are suggested responses Google gives you. The more you use them, the better Allo gets to know you and suggests more answers you’re likely to use. Allo will know if you prefer to laugh with an emoji or type ha ha ha.

Goole Allo Supports SMS

Do you have friends or family that just don’t get along with technology? I know I have a few. Now, while you use Allo to communicate with your family and friends, they will get an SMS on their end. If they are on Android, they will get a message from Google Play, but if they are on iOS, they will get a text giving them the option of either learning more or unsubscribe. Whenever the other person responds, you’ll get the message from Allo, and not a text message.

How to Create a Group Chat

While you’re on the main page of Allo, you will see and need to tap on a blue icon on the lower right-hand corner.


Now select Start Group Chat. As you can see, in this section you can also start an incognito chat and all you have to do to start one, is select the contact you want to talk to.

Google Allo

Now, just add the people you want to add to your group and tap on next. Secondly, you will need to choose a group icon for your group. I chose the cat icon.


Once you tap on done, you will see your new group, and it will look like this. Unfortunately, looks like there is no option to add a background to our chats like in WhatsApp. Meanwhile, we are stuck with one very flat design. Nevertheless, we have quite a few features to keep our minds of that.



Lastly, Google Allo needs to improve quite a few things if it wants to compete with other messaging services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but it’s not so bad for now. Now that you know the tips and tricks Google Allo has, do you think that you will give it a try? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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