5 Free Apps for Taking Notes

Google Play is full of apps to take notes. With so many to choose from, it´s hard to decide which one to download. If you don´t have the time to try them put one by one to see which one is best for you,the following list should help.

I tested the apps that I thought would be the best (at least in my opinion) so you would only have to read throw the list and download the one you like. All the apps for taking notes are free and ready for you to use them

1. Diaro

Inspiration doesn´t always come when you´re at home sitting in front of the computer. Whenever that inspiration does come, you need to be prepared with an app for taking notes. Diaro (Android(iOS) is an app that is perfect for writers and journalists since it doesn´t have a problem in handling long and complicated notes.

Diaro - Best Note Taking App Android

The app can synchronize with devices or with apps such as Dropbox. If you do get inspired while sitting at your desk, you can take note of that inspiration with the Diaro web app.

You have folders and tags to play around with so can keep your notes organized. You can also add images and share your notes on social media.

2. Quip

If you are looking for an app where others can participate in, then Quip (Android) (iOS) is your app. It has a great collaboration system and quickly registers any changes made to a document. You can create groups so they can all work together on the same document, spreadsheet from any device or place.

Quip - Best Note Taking App Android

The groups have a chat they can use where they can all add notes to the conversation. You can create notifications for everyone, so no one forgets a task. It´s also possible to import documents from Evernote, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

The app also allows you to export in Word, PDF format or directly print the notes out.

Note: The app took quite a few minutes to download because of the large file.

3. ColorNote Notepad Notes

If all you want to do is to take notes without any fancy features, then you´re going to love ColorNote. It´s an easy to use app that keeps your notes organized into colors and by date.

ColorNote - App for taking notes Android

You can create your notes as widgets on your device´s home screen, create lists and synchronize the app with a calendar to keep everything under control. It´s a simple app, but it gets the job done.

ColorNote Widget

 4. Squid

Squid brings back your school days where you wrote down your notes on college ruled paper. With this app, you can doodle all you want on your notes, something you surely did on your notes at school, right? It´s quick at taking notes, drawings, over a PDF or image.

Squid - Note Taking App for Android

It´s an app that was specially made to use on a tablet, but it works just fine on a smartphone too. You can pair your device with Chromecast so you can use it as a drawing board for meetings. You can also export all your notes in various formats such as JPG, PDF so you can share them easily or upload them to the cloud.

5. OneNote

I couldn´t forget about One Note  (iOS). One of, if not the most powerful note taking app out there. It´s the mobile version of the desktop version you are probably used to using on your computer and forms part of the Microsoft bundle.

OneNote for Android and iOS Taking Notes

It´s an app that offers you all kinds of features such as the possibility of adding video or audio to your notes. Apps such as Word have their tips, but you will also love the ones this app has.

You can activate a One Note badge that´s a little bubble you can place anywhere on your screen so that you can have quick access to the app.

OneNote Note taking app android ios

You can create a note with either grid lines, no lines,  or rule lines. There is even a highlighter option; that is great for students that want to highlight a particular part of their notes for future exams. You also have your very own notebook where you can create various sections, which is perfect for keeping things organized.


When it comes to note taking, there are quite a few options to choose from. It´s always a good idea to have at least one note taking app, whether it´s for your Android or iOS device. How do you take your notes on your device? Let me know in the comments.

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