Bazaar christmas: wiko site

As they approach some dates for a lot of people, christmas time and you surely have to do the letter to santa Claus or the Magi, or both. And if you have not chosen yet, wiko site send us your proposal for what you thinking:

Wiko site VIEW

Immerse yourself in a visual experience without boundaries with wiko site VIEW. Your screen of 5.7-inch HD+ provides an immersive multimedia first level. In addition, its compact design allows you to enjoy your big screen in the body of a smartphone-5.2 ”. Its main camera is 13 Mpx and includes the Super-Pixel with the that you’ll get photos with a resolution of up to 52 Mpx. The front camera is 16 Mpx and account with Live mode Blur portrait mode, with which to get a few selfies unique in that the subject is in focus and the blurred background.

Also has a system of video stabilization so that your videos will always remain stable even when shooting in motion. You can find it with 16 GB or 32 GB of internal memory, both versions expandable to 128 GB more via micro SD card.

Wiko site VIEW is available in black, deep bleen and red for a suggested retail price of 189 euros for the 16 GB version and in black for 199€ for the 32 GB version.

Wiko site VIEW XL

Wiko site VIEW XL shares the technical characteristics of VIEW on a screen, yet even more, of 5,99-inch HD+. Much more space to enjoy your games, browse the Internet or carry out a use multitasking. It has 32 GB of ROM expandable to 128 GB more via micro SD card. It has 3 GB of RAM and processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4 Ghz. Its main camera of 13 Mpx and the front of 16 Mpx allow you to capture the quality moments you want.

Your photo editor includes modes such as a Super Pixel, Live Blur, portrait mode, FaceBeauty, Professional and many more! In addition, it incorporates a system of video stabilization to record movie sequences without vibrations.

Wiko site VIEW XL is available in black and gold for a recommended price of 229€.

Wiko site VIEW Prime

Wiko site VIEW Prime also incorporates the screen without the limits of 5.7-inch HD+ to enjoy the best immersive multimedia. Your panoramic format in a body of 5.2’, what makes a device easy to handle with a single hand. On your screen, it’s all the content, even selfies infinite: its front camera dual 20+8 Mpx with flash LED built-in will give your self-portraits in a family, the condition of a work of art. Use the Group mode to capture selfies of 120 ° and do not let anyone be left out of the picture this Christmas.

Its main camera is 16 Mpx and both incorporate an efficient system for video stabilization. The main camera features in addition to the Live mode Auto Zoom, an intelligent system that makes zooming in on a subject and what follows. It also integrates enhancements such as a processor Qualcomm Octa-Core processor and 4 GB of RAM.

Wiko site VIEW Prime is available in black and gold for a recommended price of 259€.


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