AVG TuneUp Unlimited 2017 – Performance Booster for Windows

When you first bought your computer, one of the things you loved about it was how fast it executed tasks.  Before you could even finish blinking it was already done. With time, you added different Softwares that you probably ended uninstalling anyway.

The issue is that when you uninstall a software, it leaves junk files behind that can slow down your computer if you don’t clean them out. That’s just one of the things can slow down a computer. That’s why a software such as AVG TuneUp Unlimited 2017 is a must-have on any computer.

All-in-One Performance Booster for Mac, Android, and Windows

AVG TuneUp Unlimited 2017 can help you keep your Mac, Windows computer and your Android device is great condition. The 2017 version of AVG TuneUp features a complete reboot of its Programs-On-Demand technology.

AVG TuneUp Unlimited Utilities 2017 - performance booster

Thanks to this technology, any Softwares that are draining your computer will be placed in Sleep Mode. By being placed in Sleep Mode, they won’t impact your computer’s performance, network, battery life, and storage.

Automatically Updates Softwares

You’re so busy with your everyday tasks that the last thing you probably think of is updating your computer’s Softwares. TuneUp Unlimited 2017 does that for you since it fixes bugs, security holes, and can even add excellent features.

Thanks to Software Updates you can get updates for programs such as Skype or Google Chrome. You will also get notifications for critical Software updates.

Removes Leftover Files

With the AVG PC TuneUp, you can also say goodbye to those leftover files that have piled up. A new feature you’ll just love is that it will eliminate temporary files on Snalt, Office 2016, Windows 10 Store, Microsoft Word, Excell, PowerPoint, OneNote and more!

Other useful tools include:

  • Program Deactivator – Stops any programs you don’t use from draining the power out of your computer
  • Turbo Mode – Turns off any unnecessary features to give you more power
  • Drive Defrag – Faster access to the hard drive
  • Startup Optimizer – Looks for any programs that may be slowing down your startup and shutdown
  • Uninstall Manager – It will find any unused programs, and it will uninstall them
  • Startup Manager – Helps you cure slow startup

Longer Battery Life

Extend your computer’s battery life by using either using Economy Mode or Flight Mode. With Economy Mode, you will significantly extend your computer¡s battery since it reduces the power consumption of your processor. It also turns off any unnecessary background processes.

Your Computer Will Crash Less

The last thing you need when you’re working on something important is for your computer to crash. That’s why with TuneUp Unlimited 2017 you will have useful tools such as:

  • Shortcut Cleaner – Eliminates dead shortcuts
  • Registry Cleaner – De-clutter and cleans the registry to reduce crashes
  • Registry Defrag – Reorganizes the registry to get rid of database problems
  • Disk Doctor – Fixes your hard drive problems

Automatic Features

There are quite a few things you need to do to keep your computer in the best possible condition.  You probably don’t have time to do all of them, and even if you did have the time, you might not know what they are.

Not to worry since the TuneUp Unlimited 2017 will do them for you. For example, it will automatically perform routine maintenance, prioritize all process for optimal performance,  and keep you up to date on the health or your computer.

The automatic features don’t end there. The software will also automatically update for optimal cleaning, reactivates programs for a single use, and it keeps AVG TuneUp updated.

Peak Performance Tools

The software will find and cure bandwidth-hungry apps so you can easily stay within your limit. You can also count on program ratings, performance reports, registry editor, process manager, repair wizard, and a rescue center.

Last but not least,  you’ll also have tools such as a file shredder, recover deleted files and Styler to customize the look and feel of Windows.

Download AVG TuneUp Unlimited 2017

AVG TuneUp Unlimited 2017  is a software that will keep your Mac, Windows computer and Android device is great condition. If you want to give this software a try you can download it from the company’s official site.

You can enjoy a 30-day trial and if you like what it offers you can buy it for $399 a year. Even if you buy it, you still have a chance to get your money back if you’re not happy in the first 30 days. With all these chances to get your money back, you can tell that this software will definitely get the job done.

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