Android Automotive, starts the movement of the OAA

As we all remember, or some remember, Android is an operating system of the OHA (Open Handset Alliance) which brings together many manufacturers, operators and semiconductor, where Google is one of the main actors being the main developer of the system.

We also remember what is the OAA (Open Automotive Alliance), a similar association with manufacturers of the automotive industry.

In the beginning was born with the aim to bring Android into cars, this was in 2014 and never knew most of this, something was detected two years ago in version 5.1 (Lollipop) to a code that seemed to intuit something, but it stuck there, but some brands such as Honda and Hyundai, if introduced in its cars with an interface quite different but with little evolution in the software.


The past year saw at an exhibition in a concept of Android in the car, which was added to a Maserati, the people of arstechnica was doing the follow-up.

In this concept, the operating system (Android) had been included without the intervention of the manufacturer, in its interior runs a Snapdragon 820, with a screen 4K in the center console but also the novelty is the display of indicators, even taking advantage of the split screen.

The version that is used without suit, is similar to that of the mobile and its version would be the version 7, Nougat, what’s special about this version compared to the mostaron no longer is the control of systems of infoentrenimiento but also controls of the vehicle, this being the system that controls everything. Apart from the displays of car control as the indicators.

Many of the applications that were running normally were adapted to Android Auto, but the response was much more accurate.

Google I/O 2017

Google in this event introduced many innovations, from the progress of Oreo’s… but you should also highlight the potentiality of his assistant which has been introduced in each of the products.

In what related to the car, where to step unnoticed for some attendees, but we were able to see an evolution of the concept of 2016, but he was not concept is a preview, something that denotes more evolution

In this demonstration they brought two models a Volvo V90 and an Audi, which in its interior enjoyed the interface of the manufacturer, the guys from androidpolice, they asked and was the system last year but with the interface of the manufacturer.

As we have seen in the images, the degree of customization in many parts is so extreme, even we didn’t recognize Android in the user interface and we believe that we are using Android Auto as if he were only integrated into part of the entertainment, but the demonstration is interesting in another model:

The demonstration was based on a Android Nougat, with involvement with the manufacturer, what is shocking is that it is the same display used on Volvo, what is curious is that it is based on Android Nougat with a customization of its own but with a view to upgrade to Android Oreo, also noted that they were active services of google and some apps that are compatible with Android Auto but without the need of phone.


Concerned to the applications, really be compatible with the Wizard to be able to have compatibility in the car, it would be advisable to also its interface will adapt type Android Auto depends on the service to be compatible with Android version independent.

In the point of view of the versions, Google is aware that the updates are not the strong point in the automotive industry, but I see trends as in the case of Tesla that has a different policy and that is updated via OTA, a system which we believe could be the best way to ensure potential bugs, or fixes are found. That’s why Google is raises the use of Android Oreo with the Project Treble that could release updates independent of the hardware which would make a security to the cars each day-more smart and more connected.

Having a built-in wizard in the car also means that more people will use it. Even iOS users who do not have an Android phone to connect can use the Wizard in these vehicles, and that incorporates the ecosystem of Google.


Every operating system needs its environment of developers, and tools to be able to use it, like Android, it needs its SDK. Unfortunately Google has not released yet Android Automotive, and you may see something at CES and confirm or shed for the next Google I/O, we would like to have that roadmap at the moment has not been released.

Now, an Android SDK Automotive would be necessary since many people could not afford a vehicle with Android Automotive to be able to test the sensors in your car on your app, but it’s just as happens currently with the phones, you can have sensors or not.

Two things confirmed in the source code of AOSP indicate the release of the emulator. A indicates the creation of the folder where you will host the images of Android Automotive and other confirmation is the test or the test for the images “oc -car-m1 “, this will mean that it is the first release of the emulator.


With this new operating system based on Android by Google and its partners of the OAA (which are many car manufacturers) are introduced to change the panoramo of the traditional systems for one more innovative and take advantage of all the Android ecosystem gradually created.

Apart opens a new world to change the Launchers of the systems by other different, we can customize our car so that we can adapt to our personality and thematic retrospectives, movies, but even more, one could speak of a communication between cars to have the same operating system, time will tell.


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