Android 8.1 developer preview: Is active the API of the neural networks.

Android 8.1 Oreo, this is an update to deploy this month of December, as they have posted the last picture of development, for developers to improve their applications to take advantage of everything that comes with the new API.

There are many innovations that brings, but the one that has called more the attention is the API to exploit the machine learning through artificial neural networks, which does not help to boost the intelligence of smartphones to execute operations computationally intensive directly on the device instead of in the cloud. Provides a basic layer of functionality to frameworks of machine learning high-level as TensorFlow Lite, Caffe2 or other. Is available for all Android devices with 8.1 (API level 27) and higher.

What exactly does?

The new API can help in complex issues such as the classification of images or learn our habits at the device and make the tasks that you do every day.

With this API we have a number of benefits to be less dependent on the wireless communications, which would be the following:

  • Speed: More computing capacity.
  • Privacy: To be inner all of the processes are left on our devices, but could also send a report of algorithms to share with the rest of the users
  • Latency: The not send requests to any server, so that we do not need response time and will be faster the response.
  • Availability: The apps can operate offline, that is to say, when you’re not connected to anything.

Things to keep in mind and a little negative:

  • Use of the system: The not escape out of our phone, the whole process of computing what makes a battery consumption, high compared to the current
  • Weight of the app: To introduce the models of em>machine learning is understood that the apps can be more heavy with what occupy more space in the device.

To the naked eye, we see that Google is going to promote their devices as the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2XL where the app of the camera include the Pixel Visual Core that is idle, this chip that power the HDR + for improved imaging, with the new version, Android 8.1 unblocked Pixel Visual Core so you can get a better treatment.

Versions lite

We see that this API will be prepared for devices robust, with a hardware capable of giving that performance.

In this update of the 8.1 does not forget the Android version Go 8.1 that focus on the optimization of the memory for those devices with less than 1GB of RAM. In addition, you will be able to launch their updates based on the amount of memory installed in the device.

Other developments

Apart from what we have said of the last release of the developer preview, we should also comment that will improve the
management of the completion to provide to the managers of passwords to use the framework. That is to say that soon you will release this version

This sounds to us

As an anecdote, this of neural networks and artificial intelligence every day about our device is that each day reminds us of those movies that talked about it. If you have opportunity and power show, I recommend watching the movie “HER” is very interesting.

Source: Developer Android


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