How to Add a Pop-Up Dictionary to Any Android Device

No one is a walking a dictionary, so you will come across words you don’t know the meaning to.  There’s also no need to start studying, so you know as many as words as possible. All you need to do is have one useful app installed.

With this app, you’ll save yourself the studying, and you’ll never be left wondering what the meaning of a word. With Quick Dictionary you’ll always have a pop-up dictionary on your Android device.

Easily Define Words Within Apps

After installing and opening the Pocket News Dictionary app, you’ll be shown a license to read. It’s up to you whether you read or not, but it’s always a good idea to read everything. If you agree, tap on Agree and decide on what apps you want the app to work on.

How to Add a Pop-Up Dictionary to Any Android

You can either choose for all apps that allow you to select and copy words or some of the apps that allow you to copy. I would recommend tapping on for all apps. You’ll need to toggle on the Copy Service to get the app up and running.

How to Instant Defince a Word on Android

Once you’ve done that you’re ready to define a word you’re not familiar with. To test out the app go to any site that has the copy and paste option enabled and choose a word. When the option window pops up choose copy and the definition for the word should automatically pop up.

If you were to see a word on a site that doesn’t have the copy feature enabled you can still define a word. Simply tap on the floating widget on your display that can be identified by having a search icon. Tap on it and type in the word and tap on the search icon. The definition of the word should pop up.

Additional Features

Besides getting a definition, on the pop up you can also hear how the word is pronounced by tapping the speaker icon. To the left of the speaker icon, you’ll see a word icon that gives you a Google definition of the word. Just in case you want a second opinion.

The search widget that stays on your display can be moved anywhere, but if you want to make it bigger you’ll need to open the app. Under Typing method, you’ll see a slider that will allow you to adjust the size of the widget.


You’ll also see two other tabs such as My Lists and Recent Words. In My Lists, you can create your own lists by tapping on the green button with the plus sign.

As you can see this is one very useful app to have around since it will not only you word definitions but it will also show you how to pronounce them. Do you think that you’re going to give the app a try? Leave a comment and let me know.

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