How to Add Music To Your Android Videos Without a Computer

Since your Android devices have turned into a mini computer, you use it for just about anything. You use to keep your life organized, as an alarm and even to record your videos. The videos you record on your Android device could have the best resolution, but do you get that feeling that it´s missing something?

Watching the video of your new puppy jump around is great and all, but wouldn´t it be better if you could some music to it? Not just add some music but also some text as well?  Those features could give your Android videos that something they were missing.

Quickly Add Music to Videos on Android with InShot

Adding music to videos on Android is easy.  Once you download InShot from Google Play, launch the app. To the left, you will see the Video icon you need to choose. The app will take you to your device´s gallery so you can choose the video you want to add music too. Once you´ve chosen your video, you will be taken to the editing part of the app, like in the image below.

How to add music to video on Android with no PC

The blue-ish bar at the bottom is to edit the video. By moving the left side, you decide when you want the video to start, and the other end is where you want the video to end. On top of the bar, you can decide what format you want the video to be in; there are three to choose from. Once you´ve done that, tap on the check mark.

At the bottom, you are going to see all the editing tools you can choose from. You can either Trim, Fit, Add a Blurry background, Add Stickers, Text, Color background, Rotate flip or add music. I would recommend adding a recycling bin to your Android device before creating your videos. You never know when you might accidentally erase it and this way, you can easily recover your deleted video.

How to Add Music to Your Android Videos

Tap on Music and the app will take you the music selection InShot comes with. If you don´t like any of the options that are integrated with the app, you can always tap on the My Music tab. Here, you´ll be able to add any music that you have on your Android device. Tap on the Use option and the music will be automatically added.

How to Add Your Music to a Video on Android - Add Music Videos Android

After that, the app will give you one last chance to change the music, change the video or format. If you´re sure that you have everything just the way you like it, select the check mark. You´ll be taken back to the previous page, but now it´s time to select the save button on the top right.

Finally, InShot will ask you to choose the video quality. You can choose between 640p, 720 (recommended) or you can opt to customize your own.  The app will convert the video that will only take a few seconds and after that, you can either download it or share it. The app gives you the options to either share it Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Twitter or by Email.


As you can see, adding music to your video on Android is very easy. InShot is a very easy to use app that doesn´t confuse you with features that are meant for the pros. How do you create your music video? Leave a comment and let me know!

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