How to Add Full-Sized Picture on Instagram

There is no doubt in my mind that you have a lot of pictures you want to share with others on Instagram, but don´t you hate it when you have to crop one of them? I sure do, but thanks to No Crop & Square for Instagram, I can now say goodbye and good riddance to cropping.

Instagram is without a doubt one of the most popular social media networks out there. It´s the perfect place for those who are addicted to taking and sharing pictures. With Instagram, you can finally make your smart cat a celebrity and even win some money in the process.

How to Add Full Sized Picture to Instagram Without Cropping

The only thing you are going to need to avoid having to crop a full-sized picture on Instagram is called No Crop & Square for Instagram. It´s a free app and it has over 10 million downloads, but it will finally let you add any picture and not have to cut anyone out of it.

The app does ask for quite a few permission, but if you have Marshmallow, you can always deny certain permissions later.

When you first open the app you are going to see three options. You will see a button or PIP (Picture in Picture), Collage and Edit. If you want to add a full sized picture you need to tap on the edit button.

add full sized picture to instagram

Select the full-sized picture you want to add and edit the picture any way you want to.

You can choose between various editing tools such as adjusting the brightness, adding dark edges, adding a pixelated background, add text, add a filter and adding emojis. You can also flip the picture in every direction if that´s something you feel like doing.

When you have added everything you wanted to your picture, tap on the share icon. That will give you various sharing options such as Facebook, share using an already installed app or add the picture directly onto your Instagram account. If you don´t feel like sharing you can press the same option to download the image.

How to Create a Collage for Instagram

The can do other things besides publishing a full-sized picture on Instagram, you can also make some great collages as well. Tap on the Collage button and the app will show you various patterns for you to choose from.

How to Create Collages on Instagram

Once you have chosen your pattern it will ask to choose a certain amount of pictures. When the tough task of choosing what pics to use is done, it´s time to edit. You can improve your collage by adding text, filters, emojis, backgrounds, Etc. You can also make the edges of the pictures round to make it look even better.

add full sized picture Instagram

Once you’re done tap on the share icon and choose how you want to share.

Easily Add a Picture in Picture on Your Instagram Account

I have to admit the choices for the Picture in Picture for this app is amazing. If a holiday is coming up it gives you holiday options.

how to create the best pictures for instagram

You can also choose from options such as Magazine, Glass, Scene, Shape, and Love. You will definitely love all the great options the app has to improve your pictures.


No Crop & Square for Instagram is great and I absolutely loves the options it offered, but it has one huge drawback. It has way too many ads! I have never used an app with so many ads. I would even have to close two ads, one right after the other.

The only reason I´m considering keeping the app is because of the great options it has. I guess I will have to learn to live with all those ads. To use the app you will need to have Android 4.0 and higher. Do you think you will give the app a try?

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