How to Add a Circle Sidebar to Your Android Device

Adding a circle sidebar can really give your Android device that edgy look you’ve been looking for.  If you’ve been looking for something to add to your home screen beside rounded corners, adding a circle sidebar could be the solution.

It won’t obstruct your view of anything, but it will make your friends says something like, ¨Wow! What app is that?¨. You can also decide what apps you see first and how you want the circle sidebar to appear on your display as well.

Quickly Add a Circle Sidebar on Your Android Display

To get things started, go to Google Play and install a free app called Circle Sidebar. Once you have the app installed the circle sidebar is not going to appear automatically. You’ll be taken to the app’s settings where you can set up the app up to your liking.

How to Add a Circle Sidebar to Any Android Device

In the first section of options, you see a box to check to enable the circle sidebar, Start at boot and unlock pro features but at the cost of watching ads. In this section, the two most important options to have checked are Enable and Start at boot.

Scroll down so you can customize the Circle Sidebar and the Trigger options. In Trigger options make sure that you have the Show Trigger Region checked so that you always have access to the circle sidebar.

How to Personalize The Trigger Area

Right below that, you’ll see the Trigger Area Color where you can give the Trigger area a particular color. The thing I didn’t like about how you add the color was that you had to play with the slider to you can get the color you’re looking for. I would’ve preferred a long list of color options, instead of this.

Circle Sidebar on Any Android Device

You can also decide if you want the Trigger area to either be on the right or left. If you keep going down the list of options, you will also see a slider that will let you set the width of the Trigger area, so you can easily access it when swiping it.

In Trigger Height, you can make the Trigger area as small as a circle, or you can make it take up an entire side of your display. Move the slider until it takes up as much space as you want it to. The changes are applied in real time.

Let’s say you made the trigger area the size of a medium circle. With the Trigger Position slider, you can place the Trigger area anywhere on the side of your display. Move the slider, and the Trigger area will also move, simply let go when it’s where you want it to be.

How to Add a Floating Button Instead of a Trigger Area

How to Add a Virtual Sidebar to Android

The Trigger area is great, but I like the floating button better. You can easily move it by dragging it everywhere, and it looks nicer. The last option offers you a slider where you can adjust the size of the floating button. The button increases or decreases in size as you move the slider.

How to Make Certain Apps Appear in The Circle Sidebar

If you don’t like the apps that are included in the circle sidebar, you can change that. Go to Settings > Customize Circle Sidebar > Apps and Shortcuts. In the All Apps tab, you’ll see a list of all your apps. To add certain apps, just tap on them until a red circle with a white checkmark appears to the right.

Go ahead and add as many as you want. When you’re done, you won’t need to tap on any save button. The apps will be added automatically. To add all your apps to the circle sidebar, tap on the circle option on top and tap on Select All. If you ever want to reset to default you have that option as well.

How to Modify Quick Settings Options

In Apps and Shortcuts, you can also limit the quick settings to five and which ones will appear when you open the circle sidebar. Tap on Limit Quick Settings > Eliminate the default ones you don’t want > Tap on the red circle > choose the ones you want and exit the app.

How to Prevent The Circle Sidebar from Appearing In Certain Apps

I personally want the circle sidebar to appear everywhere, but if that’s not your case, you can avoid the circle sidebar from appearing when you open certain apps. If you’re still in Apps and Shortcuts, scroll down to Other Customizations and tap on Black List Apps.

Now, go through all the apps and tap on the ones where you don’t want the circle sidebar to appear in. You can choose as many as you want and when you’re done just close the app.

In Other Customizations, you can also decide how long you want the circle sidebar to appear, change the icon size, and you can even dim the background as much as you want when you open the circle sidebar.

In Miscellaneous, you can check if you want to see the apps names, Add an infinite scroll and Scroll to center before opening. This last one just means that if you tap on an app that’s not in the middle, it will place itself in the middle before you can open it. You also have a preview button at the bottom so you can see the changes you want to make.

You also have a preview button at the bottom so you can see the changes you want to make. Do you think that you’ll give the app a try? Leave a comment and let me know.

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