How to Add a Password to Your Chrome Account

Chrome is one of the browsers that makes it easy to switch between profiles while it’s open. If another person is using the computer and you want to prevent them from accessing your profile, you can! Adding a Chrome password to your account is possible and an excellent idea if you haven’t done it already. Even if Chrome keeps crashing on you, it’s worth a shot.

By adding a password, you will prevent anyone from gaining access to saved passwords, seeing your browsing history and more! You can never be too careful because you never know who’s lurking around waiting for you to step away for just a moment.

How to Block Your Chrome Profile with a Password

To block Chrome with your password, you need to add a person as a supervised user. You will need to use the profile management in Chrome; it is a feature that is available in Flags.

To get to Flags, you need to enter the following into the search bar  chrome://flags/enable-new-profile-management

When you get to New profile management system, click on the drop-down menu and set it to enable.

How to Add a Password to Chrome Profile

The option will be highlighted, and at the bottom, you will see the relaunch button. You won’t be able to see the changes you made until you relaunch the browser. Once you’ve launched it go to Settings > People and add a person.

Once you enter the name, make sure you also click on Control and view the websites this person visits from (their Email here).

How to Create a Supervised Account in Chrome

Click on Add, and you will see a new window telling that the person is now a supervised user. Click on OK, got it and when you go back to People in Settings, you will see the supervised user.

Adding a Supervised User in Chrome

Left-click on your username at the top, and you should now see the Exit and childhood option. You will be asked to enter a password.

Lock Chrome Profile - Chrome Password

If you don’t want to open Chrome again, click on the X to close the window. If not, to open your profile with your protected profile, type in your password for your Google account. Now the next time you open Chrome, at the bottom right, you’re going to see a lock. That’s your sign that your account is now password protected.

Now you can rest assure that no nosey friends or family members are going to be snooping around. Keeping your information safe is not as hard as some may think it is.

It’s only a few clicks here and there that at the end, keeps sensitive information away from those who should never be trusted with it. Now you know how you can add a password to your Chrome profile, do you think you’ll give it a try?

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