Updates Android Oreo: Nokia, Samsung, OnePlus (request)

Today we bring you a new list of devices that are going to update Android Oreo and therefore improve the statistics, passing in the percentages of Android Nougat, or so we hope.


Nokia, via twitter of Juho Sarvikas send us a request and it is the announcement of the launch of Android 8.0 for Nokia 8

If we see in the tweet, the first letter of each sentence, shows the word Oreo, confirming the version of Android, the important thing is that it is already available via OTA. Among the new features include the Picture-In-Picture, an improvement in the management of the notifications, in performance, better processes and a better on the updates. If you are an owner of a Nokia 8, and you do not see, apparently the roll goes very fast.

Another issue is that soon you will come to the rest of the family.


Has been filtering the updates, though we walk with caution as it has not been Samsung who has said nothing of these leaks so surely in the next few days we will have a record of which ones are official.

Galaxy S series:

  • Galaxy S8 | S8+ (Beta)
  • Galaxy S7 | S7 edge
  • Galaxy S6 | S6 edge
  • Galaxy S6 edge+

Galaxy Note series

  • Galaxy Note8
  • Galaxy Note7 (FAITH)
  • Galaxy Note5

Galaxy series

  • Galaxy A7 (18)
  • Galaxy A5 (18)
  • Galaxy A3 (18)
  • Galaxy A7 (17)
  • Galaxy A5 (17)
  • Galaxy A3 (17)
  • Galaxy A9 pro (16)
  • Galaxy A8 (16)

Galaxy On series

Galaxy On max

Galaxy Tab series

  • Galaxy Tab S3
  • Galaxy Tab S2
  • Galaxy Tab To (17)
  • Galaxy Tab To (16)
  • Galaxy Tab active 2

Galaxy J series

  • Galaxy J7 (2016)
  • Galaxy J7 pro
  • Galaxy J5 pro
  • Galaxy J7+
  • Galaxy J7 max
  • Galaxy J7 prime
  • Galaxy J7 core

Galaxy C series

  • Galaxy C10
  • Galaxy C9 pro
  • Galaxy C7 pro
  • Galaxy C5 pro
  • Galaxy C7

If you confirm, we would be amazed by Samsung, since it appears that it is evolving as a manufacturer that we can see the terminals of the 2015 such as the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5.

We may also see some devices still have not been published as the Galaxy A7 (2018), Galaxy A5 (2018), Galaxy A3 (2018) or the Galaxy C10, are likely to be devices that leave the factory with a Nougat, with the possibility of be updated with Android Oreo but we don’t know.

We also do not know what is the roadmap since that information has not yet been implemented, we assume that in the following months we will know.

What will Treble?

Surely not, it’s a bit logical since you would not be required but we believe that Treble is a help to them to speed up or you may have updated many thanks to this system.

One Plus

The people who have a OnePlus you are in luck because many of their devices have been updated to Android 8.0 Oreo we refer to the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. We know that the OnePlus 5 as the OnePlus 5T you will receive the update early next year (2018), but with the good news that it will also receive Android 8.1, though nothing is known of the Android P.

Now, from the forum of OnePlus, explained that all versions of Android 8.0 that distributed the company would not take the system Treble.

Upset by this decision , the holders of OnePlus have created a petition in change.org for the company to incorporate this new feature of the Oreo or try to make a lot of noise and that the company add.

Such feature is beneficial for the user but also to the manufacturer since that could release the updates faster even give you the possibility of a support of 3 years, although the key may be that.

From the android.that is, we support this initiative, whether or not owner of a OnePlus, you sign it because if they can get pressure with a manufacturer you can that others will imitate in the sense of offering something more.

Request: Change.org


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