To Honor goes wrong the play in Spain

A few days ago Honor of launching a campaign very promising: a mobile to 1€+1€ for the canon digital, in particular the model Honor 9 64GB Blue the cost of which is 499€, something quite juicy.

Everyone was expectant and through messages and tweets to the CM of Honor of Spain asked whether they were prepared for the avalanche, whose response was positive on the part of the company.

Let us remember that the Honor 9, is the flagship of Honor, with a screen to 5.15 inches, a processor Kirin 960 8 cores, and accompanied by 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal space expandable up to 256GB via microSD. Apart from that, it has a dual camera (a lens monochrome of 20 MPx and a lens 12 MPx RGB with zoom-in hybrid) and a battery of 3,200 mAh, with a battery life of up to 78 hours of listening to music offline. With the fast charging technology 9V2A, which allows us to load from 0% up to 40% in just 30 minutes, in short, a mobile of these features to 2€ , a real bargain.

The rules were easy: enter the web-of-Honor to make the purchase of your terminal from 10:00 to 20:00 (then we will make why we emphasize what 20:00). Each time they were going to put on sale 20 mobile phones, and 20 people faster it would be. In addition, with the RT message sorteaban 10 trips to Europe, all under the hastag #HonorCrazyDay.

About 30 minutes before the time in which it is supposed that he started the promotion, it was impossible to access the web server crash. Started the chaos…at 10:00 on the vast majority of users could not access. A few had the luck to be able to do it but to put the product in their shopping cart, believing himself one of the elect, they weren’t allowed to finish making the necessary arrangements to finalize your purchase.

In the twitter of Honor Spain already had an abundance of criticism for not taking into account the situation that was taking place, while they were trying to solve the server problems, since it was an attack DDoS caused by themselves.

Throughout the day he has repeated the same situation time and time again, the web is down, which again, supposedly released 20 devices at a time and are exhausted immediately with the web decline for the majority of those who are trying to access. Also,there are other errors as for example buttons to notify that do not work and show the emails of the people that have entered your data, or records impossible to not get to validate the data. Are going hours and don’t see anyone in the network telling that has been able to get his terminal so that the people start to check the situation of the thymus.


At 16.23 h (almost 6 and a half hours after having started all the commotion) the CM of the Honor of Spain is pronounced with the following message:

After this, things have begun to improve up to the hour (that is when it is supposed to released 20 terminals) that re-produce the same bug. In the same way begin to appear fortunate in the networks who say that they have been able to make the purchase with success.

Begin to spring campaign with the hastag #HonorEsUnaEstafa and Facua is pronounced about posting the steps to follow to report the situation

As you have seen in the beginning pointed to the 20:00h in bold, time in which it was stated that the end of this promotion, curiously, people wondered if they were going to extend it due to problems that occurred and the CM of Honor of Spain published the following:

Something that gives hope to the people, thinking what an Honor to have had these failures took out another batch of chemicals, but it comes at 20:00 and many users, we find this:

Today begin the claims and already by e-mail fails the thing

The image is from @PMostacero and the tweet has been sent.


HoHonor Spain made an advertising campaign impressive, so much so that we forget the
landing of Xiaomi in Spain. But the media noise that have been achieved may not be very beneficial. Yes, it has spoken of them more than of Xiaomi, but it has been talking bad about.

In this type of promotions and contests (such as that we can do it ourselves) it never rains to taste of all, but Honor should have anticipated the massive turnout that they were going to have (mobile of 500€ to 2€!!!) and to have a robust web without so many holes and flaws as they are detected.

This should be a lesson for future campaigns of this type, although we have to wait to see how it responds the company, as in our case, we have tried to get in touch with the brand without receiving a response.


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