8 Free Temporary Email Services

The reason why you may need to create a temporary Email address is something only you know. Maybe you need to contact someone for something, but you would hate it if that contact ended up saving your Addy. It could also be that you just can´t resist the temptation to sign up for a web app that makes give them your Email address to use their features.

Don´t worry; I´m not here to judge, I´m just here to give you a list of all the temporary Email services I was able to find. Some are better than others in certain ways, while other are simple and straightforward. The one you decide to use is up to you, but don´t forget to let me know which one you use in the comments.

The Best Temporary Email Service Web Apps to Use for Free

I have seen quite a few of these temporary Email web apps, but I have to say that this is my favorite. Mohmal gives you the temporary Email address you want, but with some additional features, you will find useful. On the upper right-hand corner, you will find a clock that tells you how much time is left until that Email address expires.

The Best Temporary Email

If you need more time, just click on the red renew button, and you will have the full 45 minutes the app gives you. If you need another Email, click on the Change button, and you will have a new one in seconds. There is a Delete button as well, but all that does is take you to the main page.

10 Minute Mail is another great option for temporary Emails. As the name states, the Email is only good for ten minutes. If you needed more time, there is a refresh button that will give you ten more minutes. From the looks of it, you can click on this as many times as you want.

10 minute mail

Tempail won´t last as little as ten minutes, giving you the extra time you may need. Your temporary Email is good for a whole hour. Unlike the previous service, you don´t have to worry about refreshing every ten minutes. You can quickly sign up for social media account and try web apps without giving out your real Email address.

Disposible Email service for free

The Emails you receive will show up on the same page when you arrived, so no more extra clicking. Tempmail itself will refresh your inbox every ten seconds, so you can see your Emails as soon as they come.

ThrowAwayMail is another great option for temporary Emails. When you first enter the site, you will automatically see your new temporary Email Address, but if you are not happy with it, you can generate a new one. You can see the Emails come in in the inbox that is located right below the Generate a new email address.

The Best Email Service

Temporary Email Service Mentioned on TV

A temporary Email service that has been mentioned on American TV channels such as CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC is Email on Deck. This Temporary Email service goes a little further making sure you’re human. First, you need to click on the I’m not a robot box, and then you get your temporary Email. This temporary Email service has a similar layout to ThrowAwayMail, but it has a green theme going on.

Email on Deck Temporary Email App

The next temporary Email service on the list is AirMail. Just click on the generate temporary Email button and the Email inside the box is your new Email. You have a button if you want to copy it to the clipboard and on the upper right-hand corner, you have a drop-down menu where you can use AirMail in various languages. You can choose from languages such as English, Spanish, German, Italian, and more! To see your inbox, you will need to scroll down a but since some ads do get in the way.

airmail temporary email

Mailinator is a different temporary Email service. With this web app, you can make up your won temporary Email. If you want an Email that says [email protected], go for it.  If you are using Mailinator to try out free web apps, you can easily remember the name you entered and not have to copy and paste.

Create Your Own Temporary Email Name

mailinator temp mail

I wouldn’t use FakeInbox as an Email address to give at a job interview, but it’s great for other things. You have your temporary Email address for a whole hour, and if you are not happy with the Email, you can always erase it and create another one. If you still need the Email for another hour, the app gives you that option as well.

fake inbox mail


Whatever the reasons might be for you needing a temporary Email address, is your thing, but now you know the services you can choose from to get it. Did I miss one of your favorite temporary Email services? Tell me which one in the comments.

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