5 Free Video Editing Apps for Android

Thanks to our smartphones, it’s a lot easier to record videos. You just pull out your smartphone and start recording. This has helped us be able to record more memorable moments you never want to forget. Because it’s so easy to record videos, you probably have quite a few in your phone’s storage.

The videos would be perfect if you could just edit them here and there. You probably don’t want to send the video that has the part where you come out in your Pajamas. Well, if you’re looking for a video editor to install on your Android device, here are seven video editors you can try out.

7 Free Video Editors for Android

If you go to Google Play, you’ll find a large variety of Video editors for Android. But, with so little time how can you be sure which one is the one you’re looking for. You want to know how you can trim your videos but without wasting time with an app, you didn’t end up liking. Let’s take a look at some video editors that I think you’ll like.

1. VideoShow – Video Editor

VideoShow is an app that offers various tools when it comes to editing your videos. When you first open the app, you’ll come across options such as Video Edit, Slideshow, Shoot Video, Material Store, My Studio and Features Apps. Since what you are looking to do is edit a video let’s see what features the video editor offers. First, you’ll obviously need to choose the video you want to edit.

The Best Video Editors for Android Free

You can add different themes to your videos such as Simplicity, Eternal Love, Fade Out and Loveday, perfect for Valentine’s Day. If you tap on the cog wheel at the top. There are also different kinds of backgrounds you can add such as Blur, Black, and White. In the Resolution option, you can either choose to have Wide Mode, Square Mode, or Vertical Mode.

You can also count on the basic editing tools such as trimming and adding music of your choice. You’ll also like that you can add various video clips together and choose an excellent transition mode to the next video. Adding your own watermark is also possible by adding a prolog and epilog message. In the Pro Edit option, you can choose things such as Drawing, Add a Filter, Transition Mode, Add a GIF, Effects, Add Subtitles, and Clip Edit.

2. Video Editor

If you’re just looking for the basics in a video editor, then The Video Editor App is a perfect choice. When you first open the app, you will see all the features the app has to offer.

Basic Video Editor for Android

For example, you can choose between Create Video, Trim Video, Merge Video, Video to MP3 and Output files. This app doesn’t have the nice transition features the first app does and like I mentioned before, is very basic. But, if that’s what you’re looking for, this is definitely an option.

3. VivaVideo: Free Video Editor

VivaVideo is another app that is full of various options when it comes to editing your videos. Just like the first app, it also has themes to add some life to your video. Comparing the themes of VivaVideo and VivaShow, I have to admit that the options that the two apps are great and I couldn’t decide between the two.

How to Add real time effects to your videos

VivaVideo also offers some great transition options when you want to put two videos together. You can choose between Fence, Spiral Out, Burning, Circle In, X-Fade, Fade B, Fade W, Side Out, Dynamic, Vitascope, and Slide.

Other useful options include adding various music clips, Adding Stickers, Filters, Text,  and you can obviously edit your video. One features that VivaVideo has that the previous apps don’t is that it allows you to add your voice to your videos. You can do that by tapping on the Edit option with the scissor icon and choose Sound with the mic icon.

4. PowerDirector Video Editor App

If you’re looking for a video editor that has more of a professional look, then you should try PowerDirector. It’s an app that may seem complicated to use at first, but once you play around with it for a while, it’s very easy to use.

Professional Video Editor for Android

Unlike the previous apps, you can only use PowerDirector in landscape mode, but with all the features it has you’ll understand why. To edit your video, you’ll need to tap on the new project option when you first open the app. Then, you’ll need to give your new project a name and choose the aspect ratio. You can either choose between 16:9 or 9:16.

The next step would be to choose the video from the options the app shows you.Once you’ve chosen it, tap on the video until a plus sign appears on it and then tap once more to add it. Now, tap on the play sign at the top right to continue. You will be taken through a brief explanation of how the button works.

If you tap on the FX button, you can choose from a large variety of effects such as Glass, Mirror, Beating, Sepia and much more! Select the option right above it, and you can even add text, stickers or an image to your video.

You can set the time you want those items to appear and disappear. PowerDirector is one professional looking video editor for Android.

5. Quick Video Editor

Quick video editor is another basic app that may not have a long list of features, but it gets the job done. After choosing the video you’re going to edit, you’ll need to give your video a title.

Easy to Use Video Editors for Android

Next, it’s time to give your video a great intro and general video effect. You can choose between a 1930’s theme, Lapse, Slice, Action, Serene, Autumn, and much more!

The also gives you various choices when it comes to choosing the music to add to your video. You can also trim your video, Add Text, Filters, and Modify the shape of your video.


Now that you’ve seen the great video editors you can use, the tough part is going to be choosing which one to go with. It all depends on what you’re looking for, but I’m sure you’ll find one that best fits your needs. So, which one do you think you’re going to use? Leave a comment and let me know.

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