5 Christmas Apps to Get Into The Holiday Spirit

By this time of year, you´re probably looking for Christmas apps to install on your Android device. Yes, it´s that time of the year again where it all start all over again. It´s time to start thinking what you are going to get your Parents, Spouse, Best Friend and even that nice girl at the corner store.

Just the idea of having to deal with the chaos that comes with the holiday season is enough to give you a panic attack. Don´t worry; Google Play has got you covered with free Christmas Android apps you can download right now. So you won´t lose anything you create with these apps, it´s always a good idea to create a recycling bin , just in case.

Christmas Gift List App

When the word Christmas crosses your mind, the first thing you think about is presents. It´s time to decide what you are going to get everybody and a Christmas app that is going to help you is Christmas Gift List.

This Christmas app has a very user-friendly design that is perfect for Android beginners. Once you open the app, you´re going to see three tabs the Gift List, Shop, and Stats. In the Gift List tab tap on the person icon at the top right to add someone. You can enter information such as Person´s name, Budget and add a Christmas image too.

Christmas List Android App

Once you´ve added the person tap on the name and the present icon to add more present info. You can add information such as Gift name, Gift value, Note, Link and even add a picture. There is even an option so you know if you bought the gift wrapped or not.

In the Shop tab, you will see what you need to shop for, and towards the right, you will get an Amazon image. Tap on it, and you will be taken to the part of Amazon that sells that product. Very convenient.

Finally, you have the Stats tab. Here you will see the days until Christmas, Toal spent, Total budget, Gifts left to buy and the Gifts you haven´t wrapped yet. Hurry you only have 32 days left!

Christmas Photo Frames App

Christmas Photo Frames is another must have app for your Android device. It has a large variety of Christmas and New Year photo frames you can use to spread the holiday spirit. When you first open the app, you will see the Gallery and Camera buttons.

Christmas Photo Frames for Android

Tap on either one of those buttons to choose the picture you want to add. Once you´ve chosen the picture, it´s time to choose a frame. So you´ve got the picture and the frame, now what? After putting everything together, tap on the orange circle at the bottom left.

How to Send Christmas Greetings on Android

You will be given options to either download, set as wallpaper, choose another frame or share using any app you have on your device.

Christmas Ringtones

If you´re the kind of persons that likes to have a Christmas theme on everything, then you can’t forget about the ringtones. Now every time your phone rings, you can hear one of your favorite Christmas tones.

Christmas Ringtones for Android

With this app, you can enjoy clear and loud Christmas ringtones that won´t cut off right in the middle. You can choose between 45 tones and when you find one you want, simply long-press. You can either set as a ringtone, notification, alarm or for a particular contact.

You can choose from classics such as:

  • Jingle Bells
  • I Hear The Bells
  • Wish You a Merry Christmas
  • Deck The Halls
  • Looks Like Christmas
  • Joy to The World
  • Holy Night
  • Silent Night
  • Drummer Boy
  • Frosty and more!

Christmas Live Wallpaper

If you added a Christmas ringtone, why not finish it off with live wallpaper?  Christmas Live Wallpaper is an app that has over 10 million downloads and offers you so many options; you won´t know where to start.

You can download the free version that has limited options since it´s only for you see how the apps work. The full version is only $1.74, just in case you like what the preview app has to offer.

Christmas Live Wallpaper for Android

You ca choose from trees with different colors, A countdown clock, Both tree and clock, Falling Snow, and Stars.

Christmas Coloring Book Games

I could finish the list without something for the kids. With Christmas Coloring Book Games, you have an app that will keep them busy while waiting at the doctor´s office. They will definitely get them into the holiday season and do something kids, love.

Christmas Coloring Book for Kids on Android

Immediately after launching the apps you will have three options; Play, Browse Pages, and My Gallery. Tap the Play button to color any Christmas image or tap on the Brose Pages to choose from various options. The My Gallery option is where your child can save his or her masterpieces to show the rest of the family later.

The Best X-Mas Coloring Book for Children on Android

You can choose from a large variety of colors, and by tapping on the pen icon in the bottom left, you can access other coloring tools.


There is a little over a month until Christmas gets here, but whenever you´re ready to start planning everything, you know what apps you can enjoy.  Do you think you have everything under control for this Christmas? Let me know in the comments.

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