4 Free Online Photo Editors

Remember back in the day when you had to think carefully if something or someone was worth that last shot? Once you pressed that button, there was no turning back. Since taking pictures wasn’t as easy as it is today, you probably didn´t have that many pictures. Now, you probably have more pictures of your pet than you do of family and friends.

Once you have those pictures, you probably want to edit it and add some life to it. Thank goodness you have the following free online photo editors to add whatever you want to your photos. When I say free, I mean free.

BeFunky Free Online Photo Editor

Free online photo editors

In the image above, you will see my sister´s cat, Sammy. She will be my photo model for today to show you the things you can do with the BeFunky Free Online Photo Editor. As you can see, I added a mouse and a coconut drink for Sammy to enjoy. I also went ahead and added a frame to finish it off.

These are the graphics I chose. You can add all sorts of stickers such as Baby, Summer, Birthday, Love Monsters, Music, and much more! You can add all kinds of Textures, Text, Overlay, Graphics, Frames, Artsy, and Effects.

Free Online Photo Editors

If you were not using a person and not a family member´s cat like me, you also have touch up options. The BeFunky Photo Editor lets you eliminate wrinkles (for the ladies), Blemish mix, Eye Color, Hair Color and the list goes on. Some features are free while some are not.

If you´re happy with what you have created, you can share your creation; you can either share it to your Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr or Twitter account.



Pixlr photo editor is also free but doesn´t offer as much graphics and stickers as the first option.  You do have access to the basic editing tools such as red-eye removal, Drawing tool, Text, blur, erase, crop, Etc. Unfortunately, Pixlr doesn´t have the option to share your edited pictures onto your social media account.


Free Online Photo Editor

Fotor is more similar to BeFunky since it also offers you stickers, Text, Frames, Basic edits, backgrounds and a beauty section. A feature Fotor has that Befunky doesn´t is that it allows you to look thinner. Yes, if you couldn´t shake off that weight before you took those picture for that important event, don´t worry, Fotor can temporarily get rid of that weight for you.

Fun Photo Box

Free Online Photo Editor

If you don´t take photo editing seriously, then this is your free online photo editor, Fun Photo Box. It has your basic tools such as resize, crop, orientation, sharpness, brightness, contrast, saturation and much more. But, if you want to goof around you also have fun stickers such as funny hats and crown to add to your pictures.


When it comes to photo editors, you have quite a few to choose from, but it all depends on what you want to do. I hope you found an editor on the list that you found useful. Which one did you like?

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