4 Free iOS Apps to Remove Duplicate Contacts

Every time you want to switch phones, it’s something you have to deal with. I’m talking about those irritating duplicate contacts. They make your contacts app look messy, and you take longer to find a contact. Pffft..who needs that.

Eliminating duplicate contacts may sound like a tedious task, but it’s not. Believe it or not but it only takes a few seconds. You don’t have to delete one by one since that would take forever. Here are some quickly and easy ways to get rid of them

Smart Merge

If you’re looking for an app that only tells you-you have duplicate contacts, then Smart Merge is the app for you. First, let’s see how it eliminates your duplicates. When you first open the app, you will see the Duplicate Contacts option on the left. The number you see to the side is the number of duplicates you have.

How to Erase Duplicate Contacts iOS

Tap on that option, and you will see a list of duplicate contacts and a Merge button. Tap on the Merge button and the app will do the rest. You can check if the app actually erased your duplicates by going back to the main page and making sure that you have a 0 in Duplicate Contacts.

The app also tells you what contacts have no name, no phone, no phone & Email, or no group. You also get filters such as recently added, Birthday, Company and job Tittle.  Under the Duplicates section, you also see duplicate Phones, Emails, and Similar names.

CleanUp Duplicates

Another app that will Instantly eliminate your duplicate contacts is CleanUp Duplicates. Once you open the app after installing it the app will ask for permission to access your contacts. After you grant it access, it automatically tells you how many duplicate contacts you have and gives you the option to merge those contacts.

iOS Apps to Eliminate Duplicate Contacts

The app will tell you you’re all cleaned up and offer you other options such as creating an account where you can backup your contacts. You can also find certain contacts by filters. For example, you can search for contacts with a missing Email, name, company, last name and more!

Simpler Contacts

The Simpler Contacts app offers something that the other apps don’t; it compares your contacts with your Facebook friends and matches their latest profile picture. So, if you like to have a nice picture for each and every one of your contacts, you can!

Easily Erase Duplicate Contacts iOS

This app is very similar to Smart Merge but has that one Facebook difference. If you really like the Facebook feature, this is a better choice than Smart Merge and you get the best of both worlds.

Remove Duplicate Contacts, Events, and Reminders

If you’re looking for an app that doesn’t have too many features, except for the most important one, then try Remove Duplicate Contacts. When you first open the app, you will see the Duplicates option on the top left. Tap on it and the app will show you all your duplicate contacts.

At the bottom, you will see the remove button that will get rid of all your duplicates. To the side, you will also see the Find option. This allows you to find contacts that are missing something, whether it’s a name or an Email.

In the orange section, you can erase duplicate events and right below (in purple) you can erase you duplicate reminders. I mean, you only need to be reminded once, right?


See? Erasing your duplicate contacts wasn’t so bad after all. With these four apps, you will be able to get rid of them with a few taps here and there. If you ever get any duplicates in the future, you know what apps you can turn to to eliminate them. Which one do you think you’re going to use?

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